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8 Reasons Homeowners Are Dissatisfied With Their Properties - And How We Can Help!

Many property owners don't realise that there are other, worthwhile and more importantly – doable – options that work as an alternative to moving house. Particularly in this economic climate, a very popular option at the moment is not to upheave your life from one house to another, but to make your existing house more accomodating and appealing to you.


Whether it's re-vamping your kitchen, giving the exterior a lick of paint or extending your home – there are many ways to beautify and 'upgrade' your current house, without going through the stress and financial turmoil of moving house.

Blind Ambition

As you may know - we have always been able to supply integral blinds with our products, but within the last month we have (after much anticipation) started selling Origin bespoke roller blinds - which actually sit outside of the door and are designed to compliment bifold doors.

Origin Roller Blind

In April, we had these brand new Origin electric roller blinds installed into our showroom, so we are able to explain exactly how they work to our customers – and give them an idea of their aesthetic worth.

We Uprated Our Cylinders

Locking cylinders; they may seem like a bit of a tedious subject to blog about, but they are (for the door industry at least) a crucial part of developing our product and improving customer satisfaction. Although the product itself may seem a little uninspiring and fairly insignificant, the benefits it provides are astounding and far outweigh it's seemingly trivial appearance.


Ever since the BBC program, 'Inside Out' covered the issue of lock cylinder snapping, upgraded locks have been at the forefront of the door industry and also the interest of the general public. I thought it would be a good idea to explain the issue further in this blog post – as it seems like a topic that people are not only interested in, but that could prove vital when choosing an installation company.

A Quick Sunny Update!

At the moment, most of Britain (or at least the South West) is walking on eggshells, anticipating this glorious weather disappearing as quickly as it's arrived.

bifold white living room door

Nobody is complaining (yet), customers are sending us pictures of beautiful finished projects, there are ice cream vans on a continuous circuit and our windows (and doors) are permanently wide open. Has summer arrived?

Achieving The Wow Factor

We recently completed the installation of several sets of bifold doors, and a gable end window for a customer living in a magnificent house in Worcester.

I've chosen this particular project to blog about because it really demonstrates the impact bifold and sliding doors can make on a period property. 

Bifold Doors Red Brick House

The property we fitted with bifold doors in Worcester was a very large, red brick period house with a fantastic garden and a very regal feel.

Happy Birthday Bristol Bifold!

We are very happy to announce that as of June 2012 we will have been trading for three years –a perfect excuse to celebrate and host our first ever open day!


  • What you can expect on the day:
  • Hourly CPD presentations
  • A free Bristol Bifold DVD containing technical drawings and product information
  • Informative stands from leading suppliers
  • Free advice from our directors, fitters and surveyors
  • A free lunch(!)
  • Unlimited tea and coffee
  • Open day only offers
  • Bristol Bifold information packs to give to clients
  • Business card prize draw
  • Birthday cake!

We are naturally, very excited about this event – happening on the 13th of June – and would like to take this opportunity to invite any and all of our blog readers along! Just click here to register your place at the event.

Can Bifold Doors Change Your Life?

This post is dedicated to our recent competition winners who sent us a wonderful testimonial, detailing the positive difference their bifold doors have made to their home and lifestyle. We don't like to boast, we like to let our customers speak for us!

We were delighted with the response we had to our B&Q voucher competition... much so that we ended up giving all our entrants a £10 voucher, as well as the winners £100 worth of vouchers!


 We are in the process of thinking of other unique competitions we could run, so if anyone has any ideas please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post!

Award Winning, Fishing And Holding Competitions - We've Been Busy!

With our first international Bifold door installation taking place at the end of March in Brittany and one of our directors – Simon Lippett – becoming the proud and very deserving owner of Nigel Botterill’s Entrepreneur of The Month award,  2012 has been a thriving year for Bristol Bifold so far. 

entrepreneur of the month bifold doors

 It’s not just Simon that has a big smile on his face, I’m sure our fitters also welcomed the slightly less gloomy French weather and sampling the local cuisine!  In fact, if you check our Facebook page you’ll be able to see the enormous fish they caught in the customer’s fishing lake.

Miserable Weather; A Plus For Home Improvement Plans?

Easter has been and gone, it's officially Spring!

As much the weather refuses to acknowledge this fact! Usually during spring, when the skies are brightening and with them (hopefully!) spirits lifting; this would be the perfect time of year to kick-start that project you have put off all winter, be it giving the house a lick of paint or making some dramatic changes to your home.

White Kitchen with Bifold Doors

However this year with the nicknames “awful April” and “miserable May” given by the ever comical BBC it is difficult to imagine ever being in a position where you are able to relax on a summers evening with doors wide open, enjoying a warm breeze and a cold glass of wine. 

Bifold Door Glass That Gives You BBQ Weather Indoor & Out!

Nearly every British BBQ I've attended has ended in one of two scenarios: guests having to run inside to escape sudden downpours - sausages and baps being left to the elements, or reluctantly herding the children inside to avoid sunburn whilst batting away persistent wasps and flies.

Bifolding Door Barn Conversion Outside

This is not my idea of fun; a BBQ should be stress free and full of good food, wine and company (and of course, showing off your home to envious relatives and friends).

We'd love to be able to make the most of our gardens everyday - but summer is of course most popular for BBQ's and outdoor events (good food, wine and company!). Summer is also often the time of year when bifold doors make the most impact on your day to day life.

Supplying and Installing Bi-fold Doors & Sliding Doors to the South West & Wales

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