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Customer Stories

5 Easy Ways to Get Your Garden Summer-Ready!

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Adding a splash of colour to your outside space is a simple and yet extremely effective way of revitalising a tired space. If your garden bench is peeling and rusty, or your plant pots are covered in algae a quick and relatively cheap way of sprucing up is a quick lick of paint.

Pops of colour amongst your greenery can help draw the eye away from any other unsightly bits (that are going to get done...later!) and enhance the view from inside. No more closing the doors and drawing the blinds – your garden will be a viewpoint from inside as well as out.


Furniture isn't just for indoors! Your outdoor furniture can really help lend a theme to your garden and create a relaxing and attractive place to host guests and unwind.

It doesn't have to cost the earth to furnish your garden either, keep a look out in charity shops and online for cheap benches which you can then paint and customise at home – you could even co-ordinate your furniture with your bifold doors merging the outside with your home.


For most, our garden is visible from at least one of the prominent rooms in our home, such as the kitchen or living room. This is even more likely when your bifold doors face out from that particular room – you want the vast expanse of view you are exposing to be a pretty one, right?

The garden becomes a pretty grey place throughout winter, meaning that come spring the majority of us are desperate to inject some colour.

You can purchase inexpensive terracotta plant pots from most garden centres, in a variety of colours. These can really change a space – especially wall-mounted planters which can be filled with climbing plants to create a wall of colour.

Fix it!

That gate that doesn't fit on its hinges properly? The slide that the kids broke at the end of summer? Even the gutters that need cleaning out – do it!

Get it out of the way early in the year so that come summer your garden is yours to enjoy without nagging feeling of things you haven't done. This will help you achieve what we like to call 'home improvement peace of mind' and really enable you to love your view this summer.

Make plans!

My final point is more specific – but, summer is one of our busiest times of the year due to the simple fact that the warm weather and glorious sunshine (that England always gets...right?) makes people realise how much they want to open up their home to that extra light and outside space and have bifold doors installed.

Come and have a chat with us about your plans now, so that you can have the doors you want in time for summer.

After what seems like the longest winter ever, we are just beginning to see glimpses of new green growth, blue skies and feel a hint of warmth in the air. The initial 'hurrah' felt at these things however is quickly replaced with a dread of what needs to be done to get your outdoor space 'summer-ready'...


This post will share 5 of our top tips to making sure that your garden/outside space fills you with a sense of pride, joy and excitement for the warm days to come!

Happy Home Improvement Holidays!

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Family Focus

With family from all corners of the country descending on you for Christmas it can sometimes hard to keep your home looking glorious (as it is all year round...right?) but with a few simple touches it's easy to hide clutter with festive décor and keep family of all ages occupied.

We couldn't go through a whole blog post without a little mention of bifold doors (as they are our very favourite thing to discuss!) and they really can be a great focal point for Christmas decoration. We've seen customers adorn the edges of their doors with twinkling lights, creating a rather grand entrance as well as looking beautiful from the outside. Exciting and beautiful to look at for old and young.

Inside out...

Now you've made a grand entrance, what's good to look at out of your doors? Some people enjoy going all out with Christmas lights, a sleigh on the roof and reindeers in the front lawn...but if that's not your bag, some simple fairy lights around your doorways or above your porch can look simple, cosy and festive.

Talking of cosy...

A roaring fire is a staple piece of everyone's ideal Christmas, surely? They can make homes of all shapes and sizes feel like a Christmas song lyric. But if, like the majority of us, you don't have a traditional log fire, all is not lost! The vast array of gas fires available can help solve this, with many affixing to a wall and instantly creating a warm fuzzy feeling inside! Just think of that subtle glow reflecting out into the blackness through your bifold doors. Beware of jealous neighbours!

Don't blow the budget!

Everyone wants to have Christmas in a home they deign as 'perfect' but don't have eyes bigger than your wallet/timescale! Christmas is, after all, about spending times with loved ones and your refurbished kitchen, or your brand new extension will pale in comparison.

December is here, Christmas songs are officially allowed on our office radios and the decorations have begun to sneak into our homes. This blog post will give you our top five tips to create a festive, cosy and beautiful home this year.


The weather outside may be frightful, but read on to find out how to keep your inside space looking delightful (with the help of bifold doors!).

A Bristol Based Case Study!

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Old to new...

This project started out as a set of french doors, complete with a small window to the side. These served their purpose, but didn't let much light in and didn't do the property or garden justice. 

Whatley 2

Bristol Bifold was called in to replace the tired french doors with a set of 3 leaf bifold doors, opening out onto a newly landscaped garden. 

A transformation!

"Bristol bifold were amazing. They took out the old doors and put new ones in all in one day! It has totally transformed out kitchen and the children love watching the sky change colour."

The doors not only transform the property from the exterior, but they change the way the family lives within the property, opening up their kitchen space and, as always, bringing the outside in!

Whatley 1

"Now its summer we come home from school and open the doors and we just sit back and relax really has been the best thing we've done. The doors are full height right to the ceiling so the light is amazing. Thank you Bristol Bifold!"

This week's blog post features a project close to home for us, an amazing transformation in our home city - Bristol!


Read on to find out how the Whatley family updated their living space...

Inspiring Outdoor Spaces

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This time of year is perfect for thinking about all the little (and large!) changes you would like to make to your property in the coming spring when finances have recovered from the Christmas period. 

Whilst you're inside being warmed by the fire, you can begin planning next year's developments. 


This customer used their time wisely and decided on a summer outside seating area  to compliment their home during the next season. 

IMG 2563

They installed a 3-leaf bifold door to the side of their property, opening out from their living room to a patioed area of their garden.

The doors blend in seamlessly with the white of the lower section of their property, allowing them to come and go as they please and hold summer bbq's and dinner parties that spill out into the garden. 

What will you be planning this winter to brighten your spring?

With the nights drawing in and the sun showing it's face less and less, we're finding ourselves with more time on our hands, time that can be put to great use...planning!

IMG 2566

This blog post showcases one particiular customer who has made great use of their outside space.

An Ode to Bristol Bifold

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A few words...

We recently fitted a wide set of bifold doors for Gary - completely matching the sleek feel of his home. From the colour to the shape and fit of the doors, everything complimented Gary's minimal and modern decor. 

IMG 2422 1

After fitting, Gary got in touch to send us a few photos of the completed job along with a few words....

"Compare the market?

No need.

Bristol Bi-Fold

By far

By the best (or Buy the best!)"

Thanks Gary!

We thought this was a great way to express his satisfaction with our work, a little poem! Of course, we expect this level of satisfaction with every customer, but it is very nice when they find the time to jot us a few lines, especially when they are in haiku format!


As I may have mentioned in our last post, we love, love, love feedback in all shapes and sizes. So when we received this little ditty from Gary Plew after fitting a set of bifold doors for him. 

IMG 2419

Read on to find out why Gary's feedback made our week!

Case Study: Taunton

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A letter...

We're always pleased to hear from our customers, which is why we were delighted to hear from Ben in Taunton last week regarding the bifold doors we recently fitted for him. 

"I just wanted to write to thank you, and the entire 'Bristol Bifold' team for the excellent service that you provided right from my initial telephone enquiry, through the survey to installation of my bi-fold doors and completion of the project."


A breath of fresh air!

Our customers often decide upon bifolding doors for this very reason, letting fresh air, light and 'the great outdoors' become a functional and space-altering part of their home. In this project, the doors have allowed the main dining space and kitchen to be completely opened up - ideal for entertaining and possessing a definitely WOW factor. 

"The doors are a key feature of our on-going renovations and have exceeded our expectations with regard to function and build quality."


Centre piece..

In this case, the bifold doors really become a focal point for the entire room ensuring the traditional yet contemporary style of the family is continued. 

"I have found your staff to be knowledgeable and professional in each department throughout the whole process and would not hesitate in recommending you to others."

It's what we do.

I know I've said this many times before, but we are passionate about every single job we take on. Which I think translates to a seamless experience for the customer - from survey to fitting. We do not rush you, as we know that installing bifold doors is a big change to both your house and lifestyle and each door needs to fit perfectly with your home. 


We offer expert advice, peace of mind and first rate fitting, what more could you ask for? 

With the weather we've been having lately, reading a blog post may be your last priority. With blue skies and saoaring temperatures, bifold doors around here have been most certainly OPEN. 


But, you might find a snippet of time whilst enjoying a cold drink to indulge in a little blog reading. Today we have a real treat. We were lucky enough to work on the beautiful project below - to hear what the customers had to say read on!

Has your home been affected by the floods?

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With the swelling of riverbanks and coastlines, comes the swelling of wooden doors. Fenestration in England is not built to endure long periods underwater - of course it's not! WHilst engineered wooden doors will hold up against rain, wind and the wildest of elements - theres not a lot that will stand up to 2ft of water. 

Action stations!

So the real question is - how to move forward? When the water finally (hopefully..) subsides - how do we go about rescuing our homes. Our first suggestion would be to get a surveyor round to truly evaluate the extent of the damage. The next steps would be to start thinking about whether you want to try and rebuild what you already had or to go for something different entirely. 

We can help...

We know that these are daunting times and for some, terrible times but with a little help from friends and some advice from a top notch bifold door company (!) you can bring your home back to life (literally!) and maybe even end up with something you prefer. 


The likely answer is..yes! At the last count over 16,000 homes are still without power across the UK with many still stranded. We all know the immediate effect this is having..but what about more permanent problems?


With water streaming in through keyholes and letterboxes, it's easy to see how devastating the damage has been over the last few months. However, it's also important to think about the long term. 

Why Season Change = Priority Change in the Bifold Door Market

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Hello Autumn...

As most of Britain was busy complaining about our lack of summer we seem to have failed to realise that whilst it wasn't blue skies and sunshine everyday, it was at least mildly warm.

With the very sudden and noticeably colder appearance of autumn, I think it's safe to say we wish we had our damp July back.

As with any change of season, the colder weather brings forward new issues in the door and glazing industry.

As featured in my last post, external condensation becomes a more frequent occurrence, and the weather changes the priorities of our customers – the majority wanting (and needing) their projects to be completed before the real biting cold sets in.

A general guide...

Priorities of our customers are usually design, price, lead time, and energy-efficiency – maybe not always in that order.

But throughout the year, there are factors which alter the leading priority of clients. For example, at this time of the year – as I mentioned above – lead time is much more important than say the spring, when people are safe in the knowledge of a long hot (or not as we've found this year...) summer ahead of them.

The closer to Christmas we are, the more urgent order's become as everyone wants build projects completed and decorated by December 25th! Not just for impressing their festive guests, but to ensure that they are well sealed against the snow (or sleet for England) and not losing heat.

So really, as the nights draw in lead times and energy efficiency are the key factors our customers are concerned with.

Fortunately for us, we are able to dispel both worries instantly.

Firstly, with our standard colour aluminium bifold doors we are able to provide a 2 week turnaround time = big smiles on our customer's faces come November!

Secondly, we are able to provide performance glass – making their heat loss worries a thing of the past and in fact making their homes MORE thermally efficient.

Things to keep in mind...

1. Remember to keep your schedule on hand, and make sure your installer knows exactly when you need your doors.

2. Always ask about other glazing options, you'll be surprised at the choice available and benefit of having an alternative to standard double glazing.

3. Keep a price figure in mind when deciding on an installer, but be flexible – and remember that you get what you pay for – don't fall for false economy.

4. No matter what time of year, design is important. Make sure you are purchasing something suitable for you, and your home and that your installer is aware of what you want the finished outcome to look like.

5. Don't rush into a sale! Take your time, go through your options and make an informed decision – you'll thank yourself later!


If you want to get your project started now, please feel free to give us a call (0117 992 3101) to arrange a home visit, or pop into our showroom and we'll show you our doors!

If you want to know a bit more about bifold doors first, or how we operate as a company have a roam around our website or download the bifold buyer's guide below this post.

Prioritizing is important in all aspects of life, but when making a change to your home, or a purchase such as bifold doors, it's pretty important to have some idea of what you are looking for and why. And, of course, priorities change.


This post comments on the effect of the change of seasons in the window and door industry, and what you should be aware of as a customer.

How We Keep Our Customer Reputation Glowing

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To begin, let's just take a moment to mourn the British summer – this year it has been, for the most part, non-existent.

Rain, wind, temperatures all over the place; not ideal.

Interestingly, this hasn't put customers (ours at least...) off completing their home improvement projects or getting on and finishing their extensions.

Since the end of May we have been booked solidly, and although several jobs have been held up due to rain, it is good to see the British public aren't letting the weather ruin their plans.

If anything, now is a great time to improve your home (particularly installing new windows and doors).

Because if the weather stays this miserable the best way to enjoy your garden/patio/views will be through some weather-proof glass!

Now to move on to the main point of this rambling post...on my return to the office I caught up with the other industry blogs, and was interested by the moral of the short story DGB mentioned in his post (click here to's pretty relevant to this post so you probably should).

He is basically trying to enforce the age-old rule, that as a retailer you must stay in touch with your customer throughout the sale, good news, bad news and even when there is no news.

This is especially important in the door and window industry.

Whether it is installing windows and doors into a brand new extension, fitting bifolds to replace tired patio doors or just replacing a lock – decorating and changing an aspect of your home is a personal thing and a simple exchange of money and signing of contracts isn't good enough.

We expect the customer to want us to update them every step of the way.

And it pays off. Reputation is everything and we are both protective and extremely proud of ours. We are frequently reassured that we are going about things the right way when we receive testimonials like the one below that we were sent from a family we installed some bifold doors for.

I've highlighted the points the customer makes that I think are relevant to what I've been talking about...


"We cannot recommend Bristol Bi-fold highly enough.

We were very impressed right from our first visit to the Bristol Bi-fold showroom where Simon looked at our sketchy renovation designs and discussed different bifold options and the installation process over a cup of coffee and box of baby toys!

His friendly and professional manner filled us with confidence that we would arrive at the best products and design for our needs without us feeling under any pressure to buy.

When our building work did eventually begin, the pricing and ordering procedure was very clear and we were very well supported throughout the whole process. We were also impressed and relieved at how quickly emails were answered, and how reliable the survey/installation timescale was, given that our builder was on a tight schedule........

......A year on, the doors still look and perform as new, despite getting a pretty good hammering from our now 3 year old. We would not hesitate to recommend Bristol Bi-fold, as we are very impressed with the design and quality of the product, the seamlessness of installation, and the excellent level of service and support we received from the team.

Thank you.
Sarah, Dan and Chip."

I think this testimonial says more about how important customer communication is than anything I could write.

It's not just the product that needs to be of outstanding quality, to secure a good reputation within the consumer base, and the industry, the customer service needs to be equally outstanding.

To wrap up, I suppose the overall messages of this post are basically: English weather is dismal but we don't really mind, I agree with DGB and... TALK to your customers!

Time to apologise to the blogosphere. Having been out of the office (shock horror) for over a week, I have somewhat neglected this little corner of the bifold blogging world. Time to remedy that!

Chip and the Bifoldsblog

This week's post covers a mixture (but an organised mixture) of topics – focusing on a thread I found interesting over on DGB's blog, a little company update and a peek at a particularly pleasant customer testimonial – and my opinions (of course) on the above.

Don't Adapt To Suit Your Home: Adapt Your Home To Suit You!

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Bifolds and more...

I should note, this blog post isn't just focusing on the easifold aluminium bifold doors this customer (a gentlemen in Gloucestershire) has had installed by us – there are a million improvements that have been made to the property that just look outstanding.

I'll start with the lit, glass covered well entrance in the kitchen that reminds you of the property's age whilst standing in their luxuriously updated kitchen.


The whole room has been modernised from traditional farmhouse kitchen – to something sleek, modern yet still entirely fitting of the property.

They have been able to retain the outdoor aesthetic of the house by extending using an almost exact match of red-brick, and by matching the colour of their bifold doors to the existing traditionally white windows.

Before and after...

The main difference in the property is the change from a traditional long, narrow farmhouse kitchen, to a spacious L-shaped extension adding extra space to the kitchen and dining areas. You can see in the 'Before and after' pictures below, just how much of an impact this has made.


I think the main point I'm trying to make with this post (and the point that I'm being distracted from by all the photos..) is just how much of a change you are able to make in your own home – instead of moving house.



This property – post renovation – looks entirely different, not only in style but in structure. There is an alternative! You may not get a new location, but there is so much you ARE able to change about your property with less of a financial strain, and without having to leave your home.


If you're interested in doing something similar, or you've recently been inspired to make more out of your property, have a browse through the different options on our website...or to get a real feel for bifold doors, download our buyers guide below. Happy renovating!

I couldn't help but share a sneak peak of these photos on twitter before writing this blog post, as the property featured is so stunning. But that wasn't my reason for blogging about it. Instead of moving into a new-built modern home, this customer has used their current property as a base and adapted and modernised the farmhouse to suit him. 


Although it is a truly magnificent renovation, the main wow factor of this particular project is the level of transformation that this property has undergone.

Achieving The Wow Factor

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We fit bifold doors to a wide range of residences, old and new...

However, I think it goes with out saying that the majority of the properties we fit with bifold doors are those looking to encapsulate a more modern look. This consequentially means that many owners of period homes do not consider bifold doors as an option, which personally I think is a mistake.

Bifold Doors Red Brick House

The owners of this property had decided to make the most of their wonderful garden by extending part of the property and fitting floor to ceiling windows and bifold doors, including a corner opening which allowed them to effectively lose two walls of their room when they pulled the doors back.

Bifold Doors Corner Post Red Brick House

The effect this created was outstanding; it meant they were able to remain sheltered whilst being very much outdoors and the gable window above the bifold doors meant that their garden view was virtually unbroken.

The best thing about this installation however, was the subtlety with which this rather grand property has been brought up to date and how the owners have taken full advantage of their property's potential whilst still paying respect to its age and remaining in-keeping with its style.

Is your property is crying out for a sympathetic modernisation or would you just like to make the most of its space? Download our buyers guide below for an in depth guide to buying bifold doors and their impact on your home.

We recently completed the installation of several sets of bifold doors, and a gable end window for a customer living in a magnificent house in Worcester.

I've chosen this particular project to blog about because it really demonstrates the impact bifold and sliding doors can make on a period property. 

Bifold Doors Red Brick House

The property we fitted with bifold doors in Worcester was a very large, red brick period house with a fantastic garden and a very regal feel.

Can Bifold Doors Change Your Life?

Below Title

Our winners began by explaining why they felt bifold doors would be such a welcome addition to their cottage:

"Our kitchen is west facing and therefore on the sunniest side of our cottage, however it was underused being too small to accommodate a good sized dining table. We were also fed up with the ugly white plastic UPVC doors and so began looking for a solution.

 Rather than build a costly extension which would have used up space in the garden we decided to knock the existing kitchen and utility room into one space and maximise the feeling of light and space by installing bi-fold doors."

 Opting for bifold doors instead of an extension is a frequent occurrence for our customers..

 ...especially in our current economic climate; instead of spending money on creating more space, our customers are choosing to optimize the space they already have by making more use of their outdoor areas and literally bringing the outdoors in.

 "Not only have our new doors transformed the appearance of our home, they have also transformed the way we live in it. We spend all our time in our new kitchen/dining room.

 Thank you Bristol Bi-fold!"


This is precisely why I personally love our product - bifold doors don't just affect the aesthetic quality of a home, they affect the people in it. 

I can't imagine walking through the front door after a long, hectic day at work and not being instantly calmed by their appearance, or deciding it's slightly too cold to sit outside, but a beautiful evening, so open up the doors and take in the night whilst sitting in something more comfortable than a patio chair! Or sitting and eating breakfast with the family on a bright sunny morning with the sun shining in and a warm breeze... I could go on (& on)!

 But the point is, that not just our winners but all our customers (we had many lovely testimonials sent in) appreciate the lifestyle altering aspect of bifold doors; how they not only maximise space but they maximise the enjoyment of the time spent in your home.

This post is dedicated to our recent competition winners who sent us a wonderful testimonial, detailing the positive difference their bifold doors have made to their home and lifestyle. We don't like to boast, we like to let our customers speak for us!

We were delighted with the response we had to our B&Q voucher competition... much so that we ended up giving all our entrants a £10 voucher, as well as the winners £100 worth of vouchers!


 We are in the process of thinking of other unique competitions we could run, so if anyone has any ideas please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post!

Supplying and Installing Bi-fold Doors & Sliding Doors to the South West & Wales

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