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OS-29 & OS-44 Origin Aluminium Sliding Door

Serving Bristol, the South West and South Wales

A modern take on the traditional patio door, the Origin OS-29 and OS-44 Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors are the perfect fit for any type of home. 

Made completely bespoke in the UK, here are the two sightline options available.

The OS-29 is the smaller, with sightlines of just 29mm, maximising glass and the level of natural light which can flood in.

The OS-44 has sightlines of 44mm. The range of aluminium patio sliding doors possesses some of the slimmest sightlines whilst providing a more traditional style of patio system, with an injection of effortless elegance.


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Introducing Origin Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors

This video focuses on the OS-20, the slimmer framed aluminium Origin sliding door. We've included here so you get to see Origin's doors in operation and so you can compare the frame sizes to the OS-29 and OS-44.

Photos of Origin's OS-29 & OS-44 Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors

This is a modern take on the traditional patio door. Made completely bespoke, there are two sightline options available (frame sizes). The Origin OS-29 & OS-44 aluminium sliding doors are the perfect fit for any type of home. Below is a slideshow of Origin's OS-44.

Origin os 29 os 44 aluminium sliding door

Bring in More Sunlight through your Bifold Doors

An expansive view with more light into your home

There are two sightline options available with this system (either 29mm and 44mm). The OS-29 is the slimmest system of its kind in the UK and provides you with the opportunity to maximise glass, which will allow an abundance of natural light to flood into your home. The OS-44 offers a balance between traditional and modern with its salightly larger sightlines.

Bring in More Sunlight through your Bifold Doors

Sliding doors that are effortless to use

A slider from Origin doesn’t just slide… it glides. Impeccably crafted, our specially designed running gear means doors pass each other flawlessly, offering a smooth and dependable operation, even after years of use.

Bifold Door Layouts

Bespoke classic design

The Origin Patio Slider’s classic design lends itself to any style of property, and as it’s completely bespoke, it can be tailored to coordinate with your taste and any style of property. Whether you are looking to complement an ultra-modern new build or replace an existing door set, it can inject effortless elegance into home.

Working with Space in Your Home

We're here to help you transform your home

We’ll advise you on the system, size, configuration, colour and handle colour options, so that together, we can create a door that’s tailored to your aesthetic and practical requirements.

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Origin os 29 os 44 aluminium sliding door

Bring in More Sunlight through your Bifold Doors

Various glazing options available with the OS-29 and OS-44 sliding doors

As the OS-29 and OS-44 do not come as a bonded system with the glazing already integrated, so there is more flexibility in what glass can be used. Whether that be laminated, toughened, or reflective - the choice is all yours. So we at the Bristol Bifold & Sliding Door Company will be able to advise on the best option for your project.

Bifold Door Layouts

Maximise on natural light with these configuration options

The OS-29 and OS-44 ranges are available in door sets with up to six panels. It has a maximum panel size of 2000mm wide and 2520mm tall. Depending on your aperture opening, you can certainly maximise on natural light. With different configurations to choose from, there is a door that will suit your access needs, whether that’s through the middle with our four panel configuration (OXXO), or having both doors as an access or exit point with our 2 panel configuration (XX).

Sliding Doors that bring security to your home

A safe and secure aluminium sliding door from Origin

Made from a high grade aluminium, the Origin Patio Slider allows for a practical and elegant solution, without any compromise on security or performance. Extremely strong, yet weighing two-thirds less than steel, Origin’s premium grade aluminium creates the perfect balance between being visually breathtaking and structurally secure.

Color Palette

Over 150 available colours - so much choice

An almost limitless choice of colours can be applied to the aluminium frame for your sliding doors, including popular colours for the OS-29 and OS-44: Athracite grey, Slate grey, Jet black, Hipca white, Black grey and Silver metallic. This makes aluminium the perfect material for matching existing frames or making a bold design statement.

Origin os 29 os 44 aluminium sliding door

Bifold Doors that bring security to your home

Handle options for your sliding patio door

The perfect finishing touch to your Origin Patio Door - take your pick from a combined 300mm all-in-one handle and lock featuring a thumb-turn, a 500mm stainless steel offset bar handle or a traditional Patio handle.


Stay warm when it’s chilly, cool when it’s hot outside & lower your energy bills

Just like the OS-20, every OS-29 and OS-44 is 'thermally broken', as it’s manufactured with a polyamide thermal break. This is designed to drastically reduce heat transfer through the system from one side of the door to the other, which regulates the temperature and means that the living space can be enjoyed no matter the season.

Bring in More Sunlight through your Bifold Doors

Our Origin sliding doors give you total resassurance and peace of mind

No matter which system you choose, you can be sure that every aspect of the finished product has gone through rigorous quality checks and extensive testing to assure you and your family of a superior performance.

Origin os 29 os 44 aluminium sliding door


OS-29 and OS-44 sliding door frames are guaranteed for up to 20-years

Discuss the guarantee on the glass units with us, while the door itself goes is covered by Origin's guarantee of up to 20-years.

Short Lead Times

Short lead times mean you get your sliding doors when you need them

If you're in a hurry, then depending on your requirements, we can supply your doors in just days.


Long life, low maintenance

To keep the Origin Sliding Doors at their best in terms of looks and operation, they have minimal maintenance requirements. All you need to do is give your door the occasional clean, keep the locks lubricated and the tracks clear, and everything else will look after itself.


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