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Origin Aluminium Windows

serving Bristol, South West & South Wales

Origin's Aluminium Windows from Bristol Bi-fold offer you the style, sophistication and security that any home deserves.

The Origin Slimline Window (OW-70) is our slimmest window yet, combining strength with sleek design to create the finest aluminium window on the market today.

The Origin OW-80 Window is a casement system encompassing fixed or sashed casement configurations, bays, gables and French windows.

Complementing either traditional or modern homes, a bespoke Aluminium Window will undoubtedly give a home a new lease of life with its timeless British design.

Find out more about our Aluminium windows below.


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Origin's Aluminium Windows from Bristol Bi-fold embody traditional craftsmanship by combining a unique aluminium flush casement with contemporary hardware and slim sightlines.

The Origin Window collection consists of two options - the OW-70 and the OW-80. Both stunningly designed and exceptionally finished, the key difference between the two systems is the sightlines.

Both are completely bespoke to your requirements as Origin’s flexible production process gives you the freedom to customise your window to perfectly complement your needs. What’s more, with our uncompromising security features used across both systems, your home will stay safe whatever option you choose.

Small Origin Aluminium Windows - OW 80 and OB 72

Aluminium windows from Origin that are built to last

We recognise that every home is unique, and that’s why each window is skilfully designed, specially tailored and hand crafted by us.

By combining a premium grade aluminium with precision engineering and exceptional craftsmanship, Origin have a proven track record in delivering high quality, functional and stylish products that are built to last.

Manufactured and assembled in Origin’s Buckinghamshire based factory, all of our windows face rigorous quality testing at each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure that every window leaves at a consistently high standard.

We have complete control of every product – from sourcing through to manufacturing and delivery, and only use the highest quality materials and components in the process.

Our unfaltering stance on quality control in all operations enables us to be proud to offer an incredible guarantee of up to 20-years for absolute peace of mind.


Optimum security of your windows

Sophisticated style and elegance blends with the very latest in precision engineered locking mechanisms to make the OW-70 and OW-80 two ultra-secure systems.

Like our aluminium, our hinges are also made from the highest quality of materials and are capable of carrying exceptionally heavy loads, exceeding above and beyond the standardised 50,000 cycle test required for residential windows.

Both systems also feature a night vent function, enabling the window to be slightly open whilst in the locked position, allowing air to come through and not be compromised on security.

Hinge guards are installed as standard on all Origin Windows, and they are used to serve the purpose of protecting the hinges as well as blocking intruders from jemmying the window open along the hinged side.

Other features such as our industry-renowned locking systems, impenetrable crimped frames and locking handles help make the Origin Windows two of the most secure on the market.

Security accreditations

Both the OW-70 and OW-80 comply with PAS 24:2016, which is the recognised standard for doors and windows manufactured in the UK.

This means that your window has been thoroughly examined and tested to make sure it’s fi t for purpose in any property, whether that’s in an existing structure, renovation or new build.

Additionally, both systems are accredited in line with the police preferred Secured by Design security regulations for extra peace of mind.

small aluminium-windowsmall aluminium-windowsmall aluminium-window

Wide range of window frame colours

Both the OW-70 and OW-80 can be manufactured in over 150 RAL shades, and our collection covers the wild, the wonderful and the classics.

Therefore, from the subtle to the slightly outrageous, you can guarantee there will be a colour to suit every home.

Further to this, most of these colours can then be specified to have a gloss, matt or satin finish, so you’re sure to find a colour scheme and finish to inspire.

Both systems also offer a dual colour option, so while the exterior frames can match the existing building style, the internal colour can match or contrast your interior decor.

In order to give it a flawless finish, the highest grade power coating is applied to our aluminium. With a durable yet smooth surface, it offers the benefit of being highly resilient to the elements.

Tasteful window handles

The window handle for our aluminium windows is extremely important, blending reliable functionality with tasteful aesthetics and real-world ergonomics. In use, they must always communicate safety and robustness.

That's why the handles on our windows are given the same attention to detail as every other component. The window handles are also able to be colour coded to match the frame - a feature unique in the industry.

Whether in premium stainless steel or one of the industry-unique colour-coordinated options, home owners can be sure of a contemporary handle offering the same faultless service as the windows themselves.

Handles for Origin Aluminium window

Handles for Origin Aluminium window

20 year window guarantee

By combining a high grade aluminium with precision engineering and exceptional standards of craftsmanship, the manufacturers have a proven track record in providing high quality, functional and stylish products that are built to last. 

With rigorous ongoing quality testing, every one of our aluminium windows leaving the factory meets a guaranteed standard - which means that like all Origin products, our windows are guaranteed for up to 20-years, so you can relax knowing that your windows will last for years to come.

Lady looking out of Origin Aluminium window

OW-70 thermal efficiency...

With a U-Value of 1.1, the Origin Slimline Window comfortably exceeds UK building regulations requirements for thermal efficiency, so you can relax knowing you’ll benefit from excellent energy efficiency and subsequently, reduced utility bills.*

Despite its ultra-slim profile, every window has a polyamide thermal break and a bespoke cavity gasket, which limits airflow through the system and improves thermal efficiency.

Origin's expert and in-house Research and Development team are aware that the British climate can be somewhat unpredictable, so have developed a window system that meets the demands of the UK market.

Therefore, the OW-70 is sure to keep the cold out and warmth in during the winter months and vice versa during the summer, so you can stay comfortable in your home all year round.

*U-Value based on using triple glazing.


OW-80 thermal efficiency...

Featuring an advanced triple weather seal that achieved unrivalled weather testing results, the OW-80 ensures that the elements are kept outside and that energy bills stay low.

The OW-80 is fitted as standard with a bespoke thermal break that drastically reduces air flow through the system. The net result is a phenomenally thermally effi cient window.

Lady looking out of Origin Aluminium window

Safety First

As well as looking stunning, the Origin Window collection is highly functional in satisfying Building Regulations for emergency exits, restricted openings and marine based dwellings.

Side and top hung windows can be designed to serve as an emergency exit window by meeting the minimum width and height required to comply with British Building Regulations. 

They can also be specifi ed with discreetly designed trickle vents that either sit inside the sash or frame for additional ventilation in required rooms.

Plus, an optional restrictor hook prevents the window opening any further than a pre-set angle, giving your property an added layer of safety and security.


Why aluminium windows?

Frame strength is very important in a window system. Aluminium is Bristol Bi-fold's material of choice because of its strength, durability and longevity. 

Aluminium is Origin’s material of choice because of its strength and durability - achieving these properties while weighing 67% less than steel. This means that the frames are highly resistant to flexing, warping or corroding in variable weather conditions.

Additionally, another reason for aluminium being Origin’s material of choice is because it’s infinitely recyclable. 

Our aluminium requires minimal maintenance and combines seamlessly with the bespoke thermal break to provide unrivalled energy efficiency.

All of these attributes make it the perfect material for creating visually exquisite, easy to operate and highly secure windows.

origin aluminium close up window with countryside view through the windows

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