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A Sad Day for Bristol Bifold

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He arrived in a barn on the farm where our showroom is situated, and was the only one to survive of a couple of kittens found. 

He spent many an hour on the laps of our team and batting paper balls around the offices. 

Pets and bifold doors?

Thomas also managed to allay our customers fears about bifold doors and pets - he loved running through the many sets of bifolds in our showroom - we even managed to catch a video of him which you can check out in this blog post.

He certainly ruled the roost around here. Does your pet rule your home? Let us know and cheer us up with your stories after the loss of Thomas.  

You might remember a few years ago we welcomed a new member of the Bristol Bifold team - Thomas the cat. This week, on Wednesday evening, we heard the sad news that Thomas was no longer with us and had been hit by a car on the road outside of our premises. 

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He wil be greatly missed by all of our staff, fitters and customers.

Case Study: Taunton

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A letter...

We're always pleased to hear from our customers, which is why we were delighted to hear from Ben in Taunton last week regarding the bifold doors we recently fitted for him. 

"I just wanted to write to thank you, and the entire 'Bristol Bifold' team for the excellent service that you provided right from my initial telephone enquiry, through the survey to installation of my bi-fold doors and completion of the project."


A breath of fresh air!

Our customers often decide upon bifolding doors for this very reason, letting fresh air, light and 'the great outdoors' become a functional and space-altering part of their home. In this project, the doors have allowed the main dining space and kitchen to be completely opened up - ideal for entertaining and possessing a definitely WOW factor. 

"The doors are a key feature of our on-going renovations and have exceeded our expectations with regard to function and build quality."


Centre piece..

In this case, the bifold doors really become a focal point for the entire room ensuring the traditional yet contemporary style of the family is continued. 

"I have found your staff to be knowledgeable and professional in each department throughout the whole process and would not hesitate in recommending you to others."

It's what we do.

I know I've said this many times before, but we are passionate about every single job we take on. Which I think translates to a seamless experience for the customer - from survey to fitting. We do not rush you, as we know that installing bifold doors is a big change to both your house and lifestyle and each door needs to fit perfectly with your home. 


We offer expert advice, peace of mind and first rate fitting, what more could you ask for? 

With the weather we've been having lately, reading a blog post may be your last priority. With blue skies and saoaring temperatures, bifold doors around here have been most certainly OPEN. 


But, you might find a snippet of time whilst enjoying a cold drink to indulge in a little blog reading. Today we have a real treat. We were lucky enough to work on the beautiful project below - to hear what the customers had to say read on!

Bifold Doors vs. Sliding Doors - What's best for you?

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Open spaces...

One of the main criteria we often hear from our customers is that they want to open up their home and create as much space as possible (don't we all?!). Which tends to take them towards bifold doors, as nothing can really compare with the effect bifolding doors have on a space. They allow you to effectively remove a wall from your home, enabling light, fresh air and an incredible view to be a part of your living space. 

About that view...

However, some people do want to focus a lot more on their view and maybe ther garden is in a particularly windy spot and they want to be able to open their home up without being completely exposed to the elements. In this instance, sliding doors would be ideal. They allow for a seamless (even more glass than bifold doors) view to the outdoors, with the added bonus that there will always be a glass partition between you and the great outdoors, even with the doors open. 

Our Smarts Visoglide sliding door is perfect for a range of spaces, from very (very!) large, to smaller more modest openings. 

We hope these tips give you a good insight to the pros of both door type, but if you're after more detailed information or would just like to chat to someone about the above points, please give us a call or pop in and we can discuss how to move forward.

The weather has been decidedly beautiful lately and with that in mind, questions are being raised as to how to maximise the light in your home. 


This blog post will aim to let you know the many benefits of both bifold doors and sliding doors and allow you to make an informed decision of which would work best for your family and home. 

March - Blue Skies & Spring Cleaning!

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As bifold door experts, obviously our first port of call in a spring clean is our bifold doors. We like to use q-tips to clean along the slim tracks at the bottom of the door, this prevents dirt and dust build up. Then, just take a clean paper towel and wipe away any excess dust.

Sticky hands!

Glass surfaces can be impossible to keep clean - especially if there are sticky little hands around! A natural and easy way to clean glass is to use a small amount of vinegar and lemon juice mixed together in a spray bottle and then wiped away with a clean cloth. No chemicals and nothing toxic (for the window lickers amongst us!).

This method is not only useful for bifolds, but also for windows, mirrors, glass cabinets or skylights. 


To repel dust (and reduce further cleaning!) it's useful to rub a thin layer of wax onto your vents, light fixtures, ceiling fans etc, to avoid dust build up in the future. Remember, it's important to keep your home well ventiliated to avoid mould and damp, now is the perfect time to open all your windows and doors (and bifolds) and let the spring air rejuvenate your home!

With the first hints of summer becoming apparent, it seems that Spring is well and truly here to stay. Blue skies are in abundance and the air feels that little bit fresher. 


This post will be chock-full of useful tips and tricks for spring cleaning and getting your home 'summer-ready'!

Has your home been affected by the floods?

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With the swelling of riverbanks and coastlines, comes the swelling of wooden doors. Fenestration in England is not built to endure long periods underwater - of course it's not! WHilst engineered wooden doors will hold up against rain, wind and the wildest of elements - theres not a lot that will stand up to 2ft of water. 

Action stations!

So the real question is - how to move forward? When the water finally (hopefully..) subsides - how do we go about rescuing our homes. Our first suggestion would be to get a surveyor round to truly evaluate the extent of the damage. The next steps would be to start thinking about whether you want to try and rebuild what you already had or to go for something different entirely. 

We can help...

We know that these are daunting times and for some, terrible times but with a little help from friends and some advice from a top notch bifold door company (!) you can bring your home back to life (literally!) and maybe even end up with something you prefer. 


The likely answer is..yes! At the last count over 16,000 homes are still without power across the UK with many still stranded. We all know the immediate effect this is having..but what about more permanent problems?


With water streaming in through keyholes and letterboxes, it's easy to see how devastating the damage has been over the last few months. However, it's also important to think about the long term. 

Make the Best of Your Home in 2014

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Light light light!

Now, as bifold door installers, of course the first thing we will point out is that you can achieve the light airy space you require quite simply by installing a bifold system....

But there are loads of ways that light can improve the look and feel of your home. First of all - ban overhead lights. Invest in some small standing lamps and arrange in a manner that suits you and improves the appearance of your room.


Some say there is nothing more 'spirit-lifting' than a bit of greenery. And with January being officially the most depressing month of the year, it may be worth your while investing in a plant of some sort to co-habit your home. However, again, as bifold door installers we would point out that by having a folding door system installed you can create a seamless divide between out and in, bringing all the green of the outdoors into your life (minus the elements..!).

Replace the details!

We're talking knobs, handles and fixures! Tired of your cabinets, replace the knobs! It can do wonders for the aesthetic of a room. And (are you sensing a theme here?) the same can be done for your bifolds! We have a whole range of fixtures and fittings which can be altered according to your door system and taste. 

Don't forget to give us a call if you would like any more information on anything I've mentioned above, we're always happy to chat - and we would love to cheer you up this dreary January!


A new year, and with it a whole host of new opportunities (things to do) and projects (deadlines) when it comes to your home! 


Whether it's painting the ceiling or getting those dimmer switches installed, here's how to create maximum effect for minimum effort!

A Winter A Round Up...

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Christmas wishes...

As the entire fenestration industry well knows, the Christmas period is incredibly busy. With many people noticing the effect the cold weather has on their windows and doors and opting to change them out before the big day. 

It's our job to make those dreams come true!


With a large project it's always necessary to plan ahead - the best projects are those that allow ample time for completion. Having said that - things don't always go to plan and windows and doors are a necessity that we just cannot live without. 

We do get a certain sense of job satisfaction replacing peoples single glazed and often not-winter-withstanding (it's a word!) french doors, with an economically and thermally efficient set of bifold doors. 

Heres to 2014!

As I mentioned before, it's been a great year for Bristol Bifold and we plan to continue our success right into 2014! Be it Sunflex or bifolds, Bristol or Taunton - we're the bifold door experts. 

This year has been a great one for Bristol Bifold (and brand new sister company Devon and Dorset Bifolds), with lots of exciting jobs and new prospects. 


Now that Christmas is almost upon us the Bristol Bifold offices are busy and projects are nearing completion. 

Summer Dreaming with the Sunflex 35 Slide & Stack

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Exquisite engineering...

As you can see in the image above, the slide & stack system works much as you would imagine, with one leading door with handles and then the remaining glass panels which slide accross the entire system and fold at either end of the door - leaving you with a completely open wall leading from one room to another whilst open or a seamless glass outlook to your garden room or conservatory.

Flexibility is key.

The Sunflex system is built as the ideal conservatory-home divider. If you're home needs ot accomodate a variety of tastes, and circumstances then the sunflex system is perfect. Unlike bifold doors (which are engineered for outdoor use), the sunflex system allows you to open as many panes of glass as you require, and position them according to what works best for you. 

The slide and stack system shows off it's high calibre german engineering, as well as being one of the slimmest, most sleek doors that we supply with sightlines of just 40mm (the standard bifold door slightline - which is already minimal - is 150mm).

Whatever the weather...

The Sunflex system may have 'sun' in it's name but this door system impresses all year round and is the ideal project to get stuck into over the winter months - when it feels like space isn't on your side! And if you would like even more info - click here to watch a video all about how the slide & stack system works - or check out our features page.

Now that we are enough into winter for everyone to start pining for summer (around a month..) I thought it would be nice to give you all some inspiration for some festive planning...


The Sunflex 35 Slide & Stack system is a perfect summer project, and a great one to start planning now. This post will explain all that the Sunflex has to offer as an in-between door and it's many benefits. 

Bristol Bifold brings you....Devon and Dorset Bifolds!

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Devon & Dorset Bifolds!

As much as we love serving the Bristol area, we always long to be able to attend those surveys a little further afield and up until now, our radius just been able to cope with the distance. 

With the creation of Devon and Dorset Bifolds, we will now be able to supply Bi-fold Doors & Sliding Doors to Exeter, Torbay, Torquay, Paignton, Dorchester, Poole, Bournemouth and many other places across Devon & Dorset.

We'll be offering all of the same services as Bristol Bifold, just to a wider area. There will be the same consistant high standards, and attention to detail, friendly staff and helpful advice. 


Happy days...

It's all very exciting - and we'd like to say a huge thank-you to all of our customers. We love installing bifold doors, and providing outstanding service to all of our clients. And now, we can conquer even more of the country! Our showroom will be based in Axminster- so we'll be expecting a visit - we'll put the kettle on!


You can probably guess from the title that this is a very exciting post (one that I have been waiting to annouce for a while)...


That's right, we're very proud to announce that we are expanding! Say hello to Devon and Dorset Bifolds!

Brrrrrringing You The Benefits of Triple Glazing!

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Wind, rain and snow...

As we all know, the main purpose of glazing is to ensure that the elements stay where they belong - outside! Your glass is the barrier between you and damp, drafts and drizzle. However, glazing can do a lot more than simply protect. 

Double the protection!

Standard double glazing will not only keep you dry and warm, but it will also help your home gain a more economical energy rating. Double glazed units help lower your energy bills by mainitaining a comfortable temparature indoors, by making sure that none of your lovely heat escapes through your windows and doors.

There's more...

You can probably guess what I am going to talk about next. Triple glazing. Of course - triple the protection, but also, so much more. For example, for those of you who live in noisy areas on main roads, under flight paths, next to loud neighbours (!) triple glazing is a godsend. Not only does it completey block out any outside noise but it guarantees you an efficient and cost-effective home. Tripe glazing pays for itself, and is set to continue to do so as we see energy bills rise rapidly. 

Ask us!

We are always available for a chat about your options, be it glazing, hardware, types of doors or even having bifold doors installed in the first place. Just give us a call .


It' officialy cold. With Halloween and Bonfire Night just round the corner, it's time to talk heat - and how to keep it in your home!


This post will highlight the benefits not only of having double glazing installed (for those that are still battling with single glazed windows!) and the luxurious and economical qualities of triple glazing. 

Saying Hello to October - and Planning Ahead!

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Throughout summer, you don't generally think twice about the  breeze rattling the window pane in the evening or the slight draft underneath your french doors, it's even quite nice on the hotter nights. But come winter (ie. now through to April next year!) these things that you really mind, become increasingly problematic. 

Family matters...

With only a few more weeks left of lighter evenings, it's really time to begin thinking ahead and planning for the harsh winter we are set to have if last years was anything to go by!

And it's not just your own home you need to consider. Do you have elderly relatives whose windows need replacing? Are Mum and Dad's french doors wasting away? Now is the time to do something about it!

The Christmas Rush. 

Whether its simply replacing the glass in a few of your windows to ensure that your electricity bills don't skyrocket as soon as you turn the heating on due to failing glass units, or replacing your drafty patio doors with something a little sturdier - it is ALWAYS best to plan ahead and make sure you miss the infamous Christmas rush. 

Within the last few weeks of November and early December, we are innundated with last minute installations which must be done by Christmas. Why not think ahead and give us a call now? Even if it's just for some friendly advice as to whether or not your windows and doors really do need replacing.

A bifold for Christmas?

We pride ourselves on not only getting the job done, but making sure it's done when necessary and on your terms. We're always happy to have a chat, or even to pop in and have a look at the job in hand. We have a wealth of experience and can tell you exactly what needs doing (and what doesn't!).  

As the nights draw in and September ends, we can firmly conclude that our meagre summer has ended. Whilst saying goodbye to the long balmy evenings (all two of them...) we can begin to plan for the colder months ahead. 


This blog post will highlight a few things you might want to begin thinking about over the next few weeks. 

Why We Only Choose The Best...

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Our Suppliers

As I mentioned before, a bifolding door is not an off the shelf purchase - nor should it be. A fantastic, minimally designed door frame with tiny sight lines and a sleek appearance will be ruined by inefficient, low quality glass. And vice versa. 

We use suppliers that we can be 100% sure of. That take time over their product and therefore we can be sure that the doors we install are works of art and not simply a functional part of your home. 

Only the best!

For the reasons outlined above, we choose suppliers very carefully. Origin frames provide the majority of our aluminium bifold doors. They are the leading specialist manufactorer of bespoke aluminium bifold sliding doors and have many years experience of providing the highest quality product. 

We also use Celsius performace glass, to enable our customers to have many different options when choosing which kind of glazing will suit their home and lifestyle the best. Be it heat reflective glass, or an easy clean surface. We can ensure efficiency, reliability and endurance with Celsius. 

Time and effort.

I have mentioned only two of our long list of suppliers above, meaning that we can accomodate your every wish! Our team is dedicated to making sure that you are getting exactly what you require. Installing bifold doors is a big decision, and you want (and need!) to make absolutely sure that your decisions are well thought out, and well assisted. Which is where we come in!

Talk to us!

We'd be more than happy to talk you through the many (many..) options there are when it comes to purchasing bifold doors. Be it timber frames, financially friendly options, Sunflex systems, replacements, new builds - you name it, we'll talk you through it! Just contact us using the number at the top of this page, or pop into our showroom and we'll put the kettle on!


Throughout summer, while you've been relaxing by pools, barbeques and beaches and in fact, all through the next few months as you prepare for the cold, our team at Bristol Bifold are constantly on the look out to make sure we offer the best possible products for you. 


From glass, to finishes to the door material itself, we are always striving to make sure our installations feature the most up to date and efficient products the industry has to offer. 

Bifold Doors - Are They What You're Looking For?

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A question of space....

Now, whether or not you live in a apartment or a terrace, a mansion or a cottage - everyone is always trying to maximise on space. Be it that snazzy new storage from IKEA or cramming it all into the loft to make space for the family, we all try to make the most of what we have. 

What you may not be aware of, is that there is a simple, easy and economical way to double your space! Say hello to bi-folding doors. 

Open up your home!

Quite literally. Those tired french doors leading out to the patio? They are the cause of your misery (perhaps not all, but some!). Just imagine knocking them through, imagine the light pouring into your kitchen/living room/dining area and the smell of your flowers drifting through your home. Now, the only downside with this is that along with the scent of flowers, you would also have a flooded house. 

Bifold doors allow you to create this free-flowing open space between your indoor and outdoor spaces. With tiny sightlines and the feel of removing an entire wall of your home, it's easy to compare bifold doors to no doors at all!


However, bifold doors not only allow you to blend your inner and outdoor areas but also keep you safe from the elements - very efficiently. Aluminium bifold doors keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, minimising your electricity output. 

Do your research..

Moving house is an option, however it is not the only option, and is considerably more expensive than being able to stay in the home you love and make the necessary improvements to make living there work for you and your family. 

Our website has a wealth of information, advice and tips on how to maximise your space and choose the bifold doors that suit you, your home and your budget. Get clicking!

This post is a little different from the norm, but hopefully will help you out somewhat. 


We all spend a lot of time (and money!) on making our home the very best it can be - this post will explain how and why and if bifolding doors can be your saviour. 

The NSBRC: All Systems Go!

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A new area...

Firstly, I should mention that as the new showroom will be at the NSBRC in Swindon (outside of our normal radius) we will be expanding our reach to 80 miles from our Bristol based headquarters and principal showroom. 

The NSBRC showroom will have our doors on show all year round, and although unmanned (leaving you to peruse our doors at your leisure!) you can make an appointment to meet one of our sales team there whenever suits you. 

BGHS Animation-Slide-1

New Technology

Our showroom at the NSBRC will have hand held scanners, which allow you to scan the bifold doors and systems that take your fancy and your details are then automatically passed on to us to create a bespoke quote to fit you. 

These scanners not only scan the doors, but will also allow you to request specific information from us - such as our buying tips and brochures. 

Open days....

Of course, we will certainly be there when the NSBRC is having an event or open day. Although our showroom will be there permanently for you to use as you wish, there will be particular days when we will visit as well and be on hand with advice, support and options. 

What are you waiting for! If you are closer to Swindon than Bristol, or even if you are planning  whole home renovation and want to browse the other services that the NSBRC hs to offer - thi is perfect for you. 

Drum roll please....we are open for business! Our brand new show room area at the NSBRC in Swindon is open for business!

P1060319 1 1

This post will explain the ins and outs and how to go about visiting us in our new base. 

Exciting News and Dates for your Diary!

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The NSBRC...

We are very excited to announce that we will be visiting the National Self-Build and Renovation centre (on August 12th) as an exhibitor. As the only permanent centre for independent building advice and support we are proud to be a part of it. 

A new showroom!

And this means....a brand new Swindon based showroom! We will be installing our doors at the NSBRC, meaning that from August onwards you will be able to see our doors in action in Swindon, as well as our very own showroom in Bristol. 

Self service...

You'll be able to see all of our doors in an entirely new location. There will be a scanning device available, so all you need to do will be to scan the bifold door(s!) that you are interested in, the details of which will then be electronically transfered to our busy office and we'll be in touch with a quote - it's that simple!

August is set to be a great month for Bristol Bifold, this blog post will provide a short, sweet company update...

Entrance Panorama

Along with some very exciting showroom news!

Supplying and Installing Bi-fold Doors & Sliding Doors to the South West & Wales

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