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Triple Glazed Bifolds and Preparation for 'Document L'!

Spring is 'Springing' (albeit very slowly) and with it comes a whole host of new ventures and opportunities for Bristol Bifold. 


This post will give you bit of an insight into the new building regulations that are coming into play this year and what they mean for you, and how we are preparing for them!

Fenestration Evaluation & A Record Breaking January

After reading an evaluation of the door and window industry's year written by a fellow blogger (DGB) it got me thinking about our own evaluation of 2012, and how the year went for Bristol Bifold.

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This post will give you a brief overview of how we acclimatise, and continually attract new customers whilst exceeding the expectations already set by previous customers.

Bad Weather for Bifolds...

I warn you – I'm going to be typically British (and boring..) and talk about the weather a fair bit in this post, but not without justification!



I think the weather conditions that huge parts of the UK are braving at the moment certainly deserve a mention on our blog – bifold door related or not!

Grand Designs and the Wow Factor

As Autumn slips into Winter (far too quickly for my liking) more and more of my evenings are being spent in front of the television with a hot drink, meaning I was more than happy to settle down and watch Grand Designs fantastic 100th episode last week – and I'm hoping you all did too!


It really was spectacular. Being a bifold door specialist, I am always interested in the products being used in grand designs – as they are where many of our customers find inspiration. But it's always exciting when a particular focus is placed on the windows and doors of a project.

The Future (of Fenestration) is Bright!

With technology speeding along at a somewhat alarming rate, it would be impractical to be part of an industry that couldn't keep up with these changes.

Brierley Hall 011

With the recent release of the iPhone 5, and computer tablets being a much more widely recognised asset to the workplace (especially in sales) it is easy to make the fairly safe prediction that the future of any office is going to see technology being used to improve everyday systems.  The real question for the fenestration industry is how is the market going to adapt and sell products that fit in with this technological advance?

Why Condensation on Windows Isn't Always a Bad Thing

External condensation – doesn't sound like a good thing does it? It's easy to see how this could be misconstrued as something negative, or even a sign of failure of a window.


 This blog post is inspired (again) by a recent point made by DGB and aims to get rid of this myth surrounding double glazed units that condensation on the OUTSIDE of a glass unit is a bad thing.

The Importance of Being A Specialist

This week's blog post will be short, sweet and informative. It's main purpose is to emphasize the importance of choosing the right installers for your doors (I touched on this topic last week).


But I'd also like to talk briefly about the industry in general and how 'specialist' companies seem (to me at least) to be being wiped out by companies claiming to 'do it all'.

Essential Do's and Don'ts When Purchasing Bifold Doors

When taking the leap and getting any kind of home improvement work done, you really want to be sure you are doing things safely, properly, in the most efficient, cost-effective and stress-free way possible.


You want your installer/builder/architect/contractors to not only know what they're talking about when it comes to their trade, but know what you want to achieve within your project.

How To Heat Your Home Without Central Heating

This week's blog post (along with a vast majority of home improvement blogs I assume!) was inspired by none other than the popular property development TV program – Grand Designs.


Reason being, I was drawn to some of the innovative products they were using for the build – and being a bifold door blogger (and interested in all things revolutionising the home improvement industry) I thought this was relevant to Bristol Bifold, and probably to a few of my readers as well.

Sales: An Honest Opinion

As a blogger for the bifold door/double glazing/window industry, I do try and read as many other blogs concerning the same issues. Not just for ideas! But so that I can voice my own (and Bristol Bifold's) opinions on current and important issues in the industry and create a dialogue between the blogs.

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For example, for this blog post I've decided to tackle the tricky topic of sales -recently discussed by fellow blogger DGB (Double Glazing Blogger). I say tricky, I simply mean that there are a lot of differing opinions on the subject. As I have found, after seeing comments on DGB's blog from those in the industry and also after having not lived under a rock my whole life; its common knowledge that sales in this industry is a complex matter. So I thought I'd take the opportunity to explain how we sell, as a company and what our values are when it comes to selling.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Bristol Bifold

Okay – so this post is a tiny bit self-indulgent, but honestly how many potential customers are there that have questions when using a company for the first time? If I were a customer, I would want to be completely aware of everything an installer had to offer so...I want you (the blogosphere) to know everything about Bristol Bifold!


There are several obvious points to be made initially – like the fact that we are bifold door specialists (hence the name!) meaning that bifold doors are what we do and we take pride in being bifold geeks. We know all there is to know. Secondly, we have a showroom. Simple, but effective. It's almost essential to see what you are buying and have a play with the doors before they are a part of your home.

We Uprated Our Cylinders

Locking cylinders; they may seem like a bit of a tedious subject to blog about, but they are (for the door industry at least) a crucial part of developing our product and improving customer satisfaction. Although the product itself may seem a little uninspiring and fairly insignificant, the benefits it provides are astounding and far outweigh it's seemingly trivial appearance.


Ever since the BBC program, 'Inside Out' covered the issue of lock cylinder snapping, upgraded locks have been at the forefront of the door industry and also the interest of the general public. I thought it would be a good idea to explain the issue further in this blog post – as it seems like a topic that people are not only interested in, but that could prove vital when choosing an installation company.

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