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Bristol Bifold Team Make TV Debut on BBC One's DIY SOS

  • Friday, 31 March 2017
  • Posted in : Products

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Nick Knowles and the team issued a call to arms and recruited friends, family and local trades to help transform the home of Ryan who became ill five years ago and hasn't been home since. In the episode Ryan's family brought him home permanently for the first time in years. 

There are a lot of remarkable companies in Bristol who donated their products and time to help the family and we're really happy to be playing a small role in the next step in Ryan's life. You might even spot Gerald and the team fitting the bifold doors which we've donated to this deserving Bristolian family. Everyone had such a great time working together to help Ryan, it was an experience that our team at Bristol Bifold will never forget.

You can watch the show on BBC IPlayer and if it's not on there any more than please take a look at some of the photos and videos from that magical week below.

Good luck to Ryan and his family in their new home.

It happened sooner than expected. Remember when the BBC's DIY SOS team were filming in Hartcliffe, Bristol? We were really honoured to be one of many local companies and volunteers taking part to help Ryan and his family. Well, the other night our Bristol Bifold team made their TV debut on BBC One.


Bristol Bifold to Help Bristol Man as Part of BBC's DIY SOS

  • Friday, 31 March 2017
  • Posted in : Products

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The idea is that everyone, including some of our team at Bristol Bifold, will come together to do 6 months worth of work in just 9 days. Pretty amazing hey!? The work by the DIY SOS team and trade volunteers from around Bristol has already started and we're going to be joining them tomorrow when we fit one of our bifold doors.

The deserving man at the centre of this DIY SOS episode is Ryan who became ill five years ago and hasn't been home since. Ryan began getting frequent, awfully painful headaches and upon examination in April 2012, doctors discovered he had a blocked ventricle in his brain, and operated to relieve the pressure which had caused brain damage. Following a series of operations he's now living at a rehab centre in Gloucester.

The work to Ryan's home is so important because it finally means that Ryan's family home will once again be his home. This is all Ryan and his family (two brothers and one sister) have wanted from the beginning. If the family don’t get this work done, Ryan will remain at the rehab centre.

Being able to live in his newly renovated home in Bristol will be great for Ryan's morale, but should also help him with his rehabilitation. This will be a life changing transformation for the whole family and Bristol Bifold is delighted to be a part of it.

"We're really excited to be a part of this project to help Ryan," says Simon Lippett, Bristol Bifold's Managing Director, "I can't wait to see the end result and Ryan's reaction at the Big Reveal on 6th April. There are obviously a lot of remarkable companies in Bristol who are donating their products and time to help the family and we're really happy to be playing a small role in the next step in Ryan's life."

If everything goes well, Ryan's family will be permanently bringing him home for the first time in years. The Big Reveal for Ryan and his family takes place on 6th April and you should be able to see the show next year. We will post some photos on our Facebook page as soon as we have some.

The appearance of Bristol Bifold on the BBC DIY SOS show in Hartcliffe is not an endorsement of our products by the BBC.

We're really excited!

Let me tell you why.

This weekend we're off to Hartcliffe in Bristol to fit one of our Origin bifold doors that we've donated to a deserving Bristolian family as part of the BBC's TV show DIY SOS: The Big Build!

Introducing: Solidor Composite Doors!

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What are Solidor Composite Doors?

Has there ever been a moment during your building project or home renovation where you have had to choose durability over style and aesthetic? It's a horrible decision, but one that must be made...or NOT.

For us, the Solidor combines the security, strength and durability that our customers are looking for with the quality, sleek aesthetics and panache that we all wish our homes possessed!

With market firsts, unique colour combinations and exclusive door furniture (all sourced from safely produced, lead free, expert manufacturers) – these doors are a no brainer when wishing to replace the tired façade of an old, new or period property.

Okay, what's so good about them?

Where to begin? Let's start with security – being one of the most considered features of the Solidor Composite it's fair to say security ranks pretty highly in the door's benefits.

With the Avantis lock fitted as standard (arguably the most secure lock on the market at present) the door is incredibly practical for the modern home owner. If you decide to take further steps to protect your home, we also offer a few other added benefits to give you that extra peace of mind.

Mila's Pro Secure handle makes sure that your door handle cannot be tampered with in any way, with the Avantis cylinder guard protecting the lock and a full range of other security boosts to ensure your home is kept entirely safe.

On top of all these discreet safety features, the door itself is a 48mm design, making it 10% thicker that the nearest market competitor – i.e. VERY thick!

I hear you... how can I personalise my door?

It's often difficult to find a door or window that sits perfectly with the rest of your build project without looking out of place, or mismatched. Solidor have the solution to that problem – with the widest range of colours in the market it is more likely that you will be spoilt for choice! There is a selection of 16 colours and wood grains on offer to choose from (for inside and out of the door) with several exclusive finishes in popular colours such as Duck Egg Blue.

And it's not just a stain, or a gel finish – our door colours are what's known as a 'through colour' meaning, yes, it goes right through the door!

You can also choose from a range of beautiful hardware and select features to ensure that your door suits the rest of your home. You are also able to choose from either a chamfered or sculptured door frames meaning your door really is unique to you.

I'm amazed! Anything else?

As you would expect with a market leading product, Solidor offers a complete guarantee on each door sold – covering construction, performance, hardware, glass and accessories. We like to make sure that our customers are being taken care of – and we love that Solidor wants to help us do so.

Another huge plus is that all Solidor composite doors are fully manufactured by tried and trusted British manufacturers and are fully recyclable and are from fully sustainable sources.

Great where do I sign!?

The best way to see if a Solidor Composite is the one for you, is to have a go on our 'Design a Door'. It's a simple tool which allows you to easily view your colour options and design your own door – just have a play and see what takes your fancy! You can also check out the prices for the doors, and once you've completed the enquiry form all information will be whizzed over to us where we can generate a quote for you. Simple as that!

**Bristol Bifold has discontinued the SOLIDOR COMPOSITE DOOR - please contact us to find alternatives**

Forget the post-Christmas blues, forget the miserable weather and that black cloud above your head and let me tell you all about our brand new product – Solidor Composite Doors!

flint cottage solidor composite doors

These are the finest composite doors on the market and there's a lot to discuss, so keep your eyes peeled and ears open!

A Proud Moment: The National Business Awards 2014

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National Business Awards 2014

The reason for this extra pride this month, is that Origin Global have been nominated for The Growth Business of the Year at the 2014 National Business Awards!

This is very exciting news and deserves a huge well done to Origin. They have been described as  "a traditional business which has developed innovative systems and processes that enable it to offer its bespoke product with massively improved lead times" - which we fully agree with. 

"It's not our lead time..."

A primary reason we use Origin, is the fact that they are able to turn around a bespoke set of bifold doors, specifically designed for each of our customers at a lead time to suit the customer. The fact that they are traditionlly run is an added bonus, as we are a family bonus and wanted to extend our business to other families! It's one big happy family in the fenestration industry...!

As you know, we pick our suppliers very carefully, as we are aware that a fitting can only be as good as the product we are installing. Hence our reason for using the Origin Origin as our typical aluminium bifold door.


We work very closely with Origin to provide the perfect door for each of our customers, and due to our close relationship with them, are as proud as punch when they are recognised for their hard work! Read on to discover why we are extra proud this month. 

Bifold Doors vs. Sliding Doors - What's best for you?

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Open spaces...

One of the main criteria we often hear from our customers is that they want to open up their home and create as much space as possible (don't we all?!). Which tends to take them towards bifold doors, as nothing can really compare with the effect bifolding doors have on a space. They allow you to effectively remove a wall from your home, enabling light, fresh air and an incredible view to be a part of your living space. 

About that view...

However, some people do want to focus a lot more on their view and maybe ther garden is in a particularly windy spot and they want to be able to open their home up without being completely exposed to the elements. In this instance, sliding doors would be ideal. They allow for a seamless (even more glass than bifold doors) view to the outdoors, with the added bonus that there will always be a glass partition between you and the great outdoors, even with the doors open. 

Our Smarts Visoglide sliding door is perfect for a range of spaces, from very (very!) large, to smaller more modest openings. 

We hope these tips give you a good insight to the pros of both door type, but if you're after more detailed information or would just like to chat to someone about the above points, please give us a call or pop in and we can discuss how to move forward.

The weather has been decidedly beautiful lately and with that in mind, questions are being raised as to how to maximise the light in your home. 


This blog post will aim to let you know the many benefits of both bifold doors and sliding doors and allow you to make an informed decision of which would work best for your family and home. 

Summer Dreaming with the Sunflex 35 Slide & Stack

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Exquisite engineering...

As you can see in the image above, the slide & stack system works much as you would imagine, with one leading door with handles and then the remaining glass panels which slide accross the entire system and fold at either end of the door - leaving you with a completely open wall leading from one room to another whilst open or a seamless glass outlook to your garden room or conservatory.

Flexibility is key.

The Sunflex system is built as the ideal conservatory-home divider. If you're home needs ot accomodate a variety of tastes, and circumstances then the sunflex system is perfect. Unlike bifold doors (which are engineered for outdoor use), the sunflex system allows you to open as many panes of glass as you require, and position them according to what works best for you. 

The slide and stack system shows off it's high calibre german engineering, as well as being one of the slimmest, most sleek doors that we supply with sightlines of just 40mm (the standard bifold door slightline - which is already minimal - is 150mm).

Whatever the weather...

The Sunflex system may have 'sun' in it's name but this door system impresses all year round and is the ideal project to get stuck into over the winter months - when it feels like space isn't on your side! And if you would like even more info - click here to watch a video all about how the slide & stack system works - or check out our features page.

Now that we are enough into winter for everyone to start pining for summer (around a month..) I thought it would be nice to give you all some inspiration for some festive planning...


The Sunflex 35 Slide & Stack system is a perfect summer project, and a great one to start planning now. This post will explain all that the Sunflex has to offer as an in-between door and it's many benefits. 

Brrrrrringing You The Benefits of Triple Glazing!

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Wind, rain and snow...

As we all know, the main purpose of glazing is to ensure that the elements stay where they belong - outside! Your glass is the barrier between you and damp, drafts and drizzle. However, glazing can do a lot more than simply protect. 

Double the protection!

Standard double glazing will not only keep you dry and warm, but it will also help your home gain a more economical energy rating. Double glazed units help lower your energy bills by mainitaining a comfortable temparature indoors, by making sure that none of your lovely heat escapes through your windows and doors.

There's more...

You can probably guess what I am going to talk about next. Triple glazing. Of course - triple the protection, but also, so much more. For example, for those of you who live in noisy areas on main roads, under flight paths, next to loud neighbours (!) triple glazing is a godsend. Not only does it completey block out any outside noise but it guarantees you an efficient and cost-effective home. Tripe glazing pays for itself, and is set to continue to do so as we see energy bills rise rapidly. 

Ask us!

We are always available for a chat about your options, be it glazing, hardware, types of doors or even having bifold doors installed in the first place. Just give us a call .


It' officialy cold. With Halloween and Bonfire Night just round the corner, it's time to talk heat - and how to keep it in your home!


This post will highlight the benefits not only of having double glazing installed (for those that are still battling with single glazed windows!) and the luxurious and economical qualities of triple glazing. 

Why We Only Choose The Best...

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Our Suppliers

As I mentioned before, a bifolding door is not an off the shelf purchase - nor should it be. A fantastic, minimally designed door frame with tiny sight lines and a sleek appearance will be ruined by inefficient, low quality glass. And vice versa. 

We use suppliers that we can be 100% sure of. That take time over their product and therefore we can be sure that the doors we install are works of art and not simply a functional part of your home. 

Only the best!

For the reasons outlined above, we choose suppliers very carefully. Origin frames provide the majority of our aluminium bifold doors. They are the leading specialist manufactorer of bespoke aluminium bifold sliding doors and have many years experience of providing the highest quality product. 

We also use Celsius performace glass, to enable our customers to have many different options when choosing which kind of glazing will suit their home and lifestyle the best. Be it heat reflective glass, or an easy clean surface. We can ensure efficiency, reliability and endurance with Celsius. 

Time and effort.

I have mentioned only two of our long list of suppliers above, meaning that we can accomodate your every wish! Our team is dedicated to making sure that you are getting exactly what you require. Installing bifold doors is a big decision, and you want (and need!) to make absolutely sure that your decisions are well thought out, and well assisted. Which is where we come in!

Talk to us!

We'd be more than happy to talk you through the many (many..) options there are when it comes to purchasing bifold doors. Be it timber frames, financially friendly options, Sunflex systems, replacements, new builds - you name it, we'll talk you through it! Just contact us using the number at the top of this page, or pop into our showroom and we'll put the kettle on!


Throughout summer, while you've been relaxing by pools, barbeques and beaches and in fact, all through the next few months as you prepare for the cold, our team at Bristol Bifold are constantly on the look out to make sure we offer the best possible products for you. 


From glass, to finishes to the door material itself, we are always striving to make sure our installations feature the most up to date and efficient products the industry has to offer. 

Bifold Doors - Are They What You're Looking For?

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A question of space....

Now, whether or not you live in a apartment or a terrace, a mansion or a cottage - everyone is always trying to maximise on space. Be it that snazzy new storage from IKEA or cramming it all into the loft to make space for the family, we all try to make the most of what we have. 

What you may not be aware of, is that there is a simple, easy and economical way to double your space! Say hello to bi-folding doors. 

Open up your home!

Quite literally. Those tired french doors leading out to the patio? They are the cause of your misery (perhaps not all, but some!). Just imagine knocking them through, imagine the light pouring into your kitchen/living room/dining area and the smell of your flowers drifting through your home. Now, the only downside with this is that along with the scent of flowers, you would also have a flooded house. 

Bifold doors allow you to create this free-flowing open space between your indoor and outdoor spaces. With tiny sightlines and the feel of removing an entire wall of your home, it's easy to compare bifold doors to no doors at all!


However, bifold doors not only allow you to blend your inner and outdoor areas but also keep you safe from the elements - very efficiently. Aluminium bifold doors keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, minimising your electricity output. 

Do your research..

Moving house is an option, however it is not the only option, and is considerably more expensive than being able to stay in the home you love and make the necessary improvements to make living there work for you and your family. 

Our website has a wealth of information, advice and tips on how to maximise your space and choose the bifold doors that suit you, your home and your budget. Get clicking!

This post is a little different from the norm, but hopefully will help you out somewhat. 


We all spend a lot of time (and money!) on making our home the very best it can be - this post will explain how and why and if bifolding doors can be your saviour. 

5 Reasons to Have Bifold Doors Installed This Summer

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1. Economically friendly.

With pretty much all of the major stores selling out of fans (writing as one who has tried literally EVERYWHERE) bifold doors are a lifesaver. Being able to invite that warm breeze into your home is a godsend's FREE! No more leaving a fan on permanently and watching your electricity bills go through the roof. 

2. Keeping an eye out...

When the weather is warm the kids naturally migrate to the paddling pool/sand pit/flower pot/grass, and whilst they may be able to entertain themselves completely with a sprinkler system, you still want to keep a watchful eye over them. Bi-folding doors are IDEAL for reclining on the sofa with cold beverage whilst being able to see and hear the children with no barriers between you and them. 

3. Big spaces.

Time for the annual (or at the moment, weekly) BBQ but can't quite fit the in-laws, friends, neighbours, kids, parents etc etc in? Just fold back your doors and double (or more!) the size of your living space. 

4. Keep it contemporary.

Aluminium bifold doors (or any style!) update your home in a subtle and practical way. They can enhance a more traditional style of home, or give a modern home that extra 'WOW' factor. 

5. Don't break the bank!

And lastly (but certainly not least), the financial aspect. This summer you may be sick of being cramped in your home, or your home feeling stuffy and a little unloved - well, don't move house! You can save thousands by simply adding a few well thought-out touches to your own family home. 

That's all folks! But keep your doors open and your sunhats firmly on!


With the heatwave the UK has been experiencing lately, I think it would be slightly odd for this post not to be summer themed.


So here we are - a post all about how bifold doors can be a saviour in the hotter months...

The Timber WOW Factor

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The Woody Timber bifold door system has been designed with you in mind! The choices are endless - sapele, indigbo or oak hardwood with the natural strength and endurance built for resilience and long-lasting appeal. 

No warping!

These doors are treated in such a manner that they will not warp or twist over the years, meaning that they are a real investment for your property and will most likely see in the next generation!

Your home, your style...

You can choose from 3,4,5 or 6 door panels in a combination of door layouts. The door panels can all fold one way, or you can split the pack and have some doors folding one way and some folding the other way. 

Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn - it's easy to see how these doors look the part in every season. Wide open for summer or firmly shut for the snowier months - they will always provide a talking point (and will usually incite a fair bit of neighbour-envy!).

Timeless appeal

Similarly to an old hollywood actress, these doors have a timeless appeal and don't seem to become any less appealing over the years! With panels of up to a metre in width, you can maximise on space whilst minimizing the costs of your home update - what more could you ask for?




This post will be explaining the fittings and features of what could be called our most beautiful bifold...the Woody Timber Bifold. 


From new builds to traditional cottages our wooden bifold door range compliments any style of home and will certainly create the all important 'wow-factor'....

Sunflex for Summer – A Revolutionary System

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Revolutionary doors...

To start with, it may be blue skies (wishful thinking!) for now but living in the UK, rain, wind, hail and sometimes even snow are regular occurrences. You may want your bifold doors fitted this summer for optimum BBQ usage, but come winter you will want to know that they will still be benefitting your home.

The Sunflex has a 900 Pascal weather rating – or in simpler terms, a severe weather rating. Meaning that it will keep your home watertight even throughout the most miserable of winters. Most external bifold doors have around a 150 Pascal water tightness rating – so the Sunflex is certainly ahead of the game.


Secondly, the main reason you decide to have bifold doors or even patio doors installed is to gain the all-important L-word...light!

What you don't want is a door frame so chunky that your glass window pane is compromised. The Sunflex boasts a tiny profile of just 55mm with little to no space needed to stack the folding doors (when they are opened) and slim, elegant sight-lines of just 115mm.

A wall of glass?

Want a wall of glass, blurring the boundaries between your kitchen and garden? Done! Sunflex doors have a maximum height of 3500mm, meaning that you can fill your wall with doors!

It is easy to see why this door is set to shape the future market of bifold doors. It has everything you would expect as standard with your doors, plus a whole lot more. The doors themselves have been lab tested – opening and shutting over 20,000 times to ensure maximum efficiency for their entire lifespan.

If you are tempted by a bifold door system, and feel that the home you have created deserves the highest quality and functionality as well as fantastic aesthetics, this is the door for you.

Why not try our 3D interactive door design to see just how perfect these doors would work for you, your family and all importantly your home.

Muggy nights and humid days, British summer time is here and with it – we have a brand new bifold-door to offer you. Now that the Sunflex is fully established as part of our product range I thought I would tell you a little more about its benefits.


I'll explain why the Sunflex truly is revolutionising the world of aluminium bi-fold doors!

Triple Glazed Bifolds and Preparation for 'Document L'!

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What is 'Document L'?

Or to use it's official name, Approved Document 'L' of the building regulations. This is essentially a new set of rules, which in six weeks time will be published, and by October this year, the fenestration industry will need to comply with. 

There will be a new target 'U' value, which will need to be 11% lower than the existing (2010) regulations for windows and doors being built into extensions. This is equivalent to the thermal efficiency of the doors and windows as a whole (including glass). 

Still with me? Good. The 'U' value proposed in the new regulations will also be 22% lower for doors and windows that are replacing existing items - for example if you were having a set of french doors replaced with a set of bifold doors. 

These standards are already being adhered to in Scotland and if they are enforced in England, we (and all other specialists) will need to be ready to fit to these specifications come October 1st 2013.

We've got it covered...

Our team at Bristol Bifold have been working towards meeting these targets for months already (as we do like to stay ahead of the game!) and we can already meet both of these new targets - for newly built extensions as well as replacement sets. 

Replacing your old french doors (or other products) will undoubtedly now require triple glazing in they're replacements - which brings me to our very exciting news of our brand new range of bifold doors which we will be selling, the Scenic TG aluminium bifold door. Keep your eyes peeled for more details on this as more information will be released within the next few weeks. 

Replacement will undoubtedly require triple glazing so we are introducing our new range of bifolds the 'SCENIC TG'. Details will follow in coming weeks.

Triple glazed bifold doors are, of course, not just reserved for replacements! Anyone can have triple glazing installed to benefit their home! The lower 'U' values reduce energy costs, as your doors are more thermally efficient - another reason why they are becoming more and more popular and a very sensible investment. 

If you do fancy reading up on the subject further, please drop us a line and we will explain all the ins and outs of the new regulations. In the mean time - get ready for Spring and start improving your home. 

Spring is 'Springing' (albeit very slowly) and with it comes a whole host of new ventures and opportunities for Bristol Bifold. 


This post will give you bit of an insight into the new building regulations that are coming into play this year and what they mean for you, and how we are preparing for them!

New Year News from Bristol Bifold

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Spring cleaning!

To start with, we've been busy giving our business a (little early!) spring clean, all of our systems have been sharpened and we are about to reveal our brand new look in February – because what better time to give ourselves a makeover than the beginning of a new year!

It's a time when everyone's improving themselves, from losing those Christmas lbs to carrying out those much anticipated home improvements. We're joining in! Watch this space!

New additions to our team...

There have also been a few changes to our staff here, our contract administrator Chloe has sadly left us, meaning a few changeovers.

Mike will be becoming our contracts manager – meaning he'll be the first port of call for most of your after-sales needs.

This also means we have a brand new sales person joining us at the end of the month, & we're very excited to welcome her to the team!

And our most exciting snippet of news...

New doors! That's right. In the coming months we will be introducing several new doors to our product range. We're constantly diversifying and trying to find the very best products for our customers and we think you are going to LOVE our new additions.

I hope you're all enjoying the first moments of 2013 and that it's going to be as exciting and prosperous as 2012.

I hope everyone's had a wonderful festive break, and that coming back to work wasn't to much of a shock to the system! Now that the excessive eating, drinking and gift giving has pretty much come to a halt, it's all guns blazing at Bristol Bifold.

Company News Update 3.1.13

We've got lots of exciting news to share with you guys over the coming month, and this post is just going to be a quick glimpse at what's to come!

Grand Designs and the Wow Factor

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A focus on fenestration...

The 100th episode was a perfect example of this emphasis on fenestration. It was also a great example of how homes serve a totally different purpose now to say, 100 years ago.

Homes now are much less about the practicality (although obviously still important) and much, much more about the aesthetics, and, lets face it – showmanship.

People want their houses to be things of beauty and architectural wonder. Property shows and home renovation programmes constantly remind us that the "wow factor" is what people are after these days.

Something that will make their home stand out as a cut above the rest.

The 'wow' factor!

Luckily, bifold doors have the advantage of not only providing a "wow factor" but being practical as well – but that's another blog post! The property featured in this episode was an old Victorian water tower in London, which had stood for over 150 years untouched. A landmark or a blotch on the landscape, depending on your view.

The couple that were doing it up were primarily interested in restoring it to its former glory whilst incorporating a very modern feel – using only the best materials, technology and craftsmanship.

They had 5.3m sliding doors installed to a section of the property – the four storey living space attachment they built separately to the water tower.The scale of the doors was fantastic, spanning two floors and covering one side of the building entirely.

Kevin McCloud has long since been a spokesperson for innovative and forward-thinking construction and architecture, and it is very evident (certainly in the last couple of years) that homeowners who admire his way of thinking are able to incorporate this into their own projects.

Along the right lines - The Sunday Times

Bifold doors (as you can see above!) are a key element of this re-focus of the fenestration trade from doors and windows which simply 'did the job' to products which not only provide security and shelter but that become a real feature of the home.

Along the right lines - The Sunday Times11

Aluminium bifold doors, and their sister products such as aluminium windows and gable end pieces are all part of a construction movement that places equal importance on aesthetic value, without forgetting important elements such as security and economical gain.

(Quotes from Sunday Times – read full article here.

(Picture by

As Autumn slips into Winter (far too quickly for my liking) more and more of my evenings are being spent in front of the television with a hot drink, meaning I was more than happy to settle down and watch Grand Designs fantastic 100th episode last week – and I'm hoping you all did too!


It really was spectacular. Being a bifold door specialist, I am always interested in the products being used in grand designs – as they are where many of our customers find inspiration. But it's always exciting when a particular focus is placed on the windows and doors of a project.

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