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5 Easy Ways to Get Your Garden Summer-Ready!

After what seems like the longest winter ever, we are just beginning to see glimpses of new green growth, blue skies and feel a hint of warmth in the air. The initial 'hurrah' felt at these things however is quickly replaced with a dread of what needs to be done to get your outdoor space 'summer-ready'...


This post will share 5 of our top tips to making sure that your garden/outside space fills you with a sense of pride, joy and excitement for the warm days to come!

Hello Spring....Cleaning!

From the neat-freaks amongst you to the people who like to keep cleaning to a minimum, everyone could do with a little spruce-up come spring. There's just something in the air that makes you want your home to look its best!

5 1

During this post we'll share a few handy tips we've picked up over the years of speaking to our customers about home improvement that will hopefully be of use to you too!

Dark nights, cosy indoor spaces!

Dark nights, cosy fires, curling up in front of the telly with something warming – all things associated with Autumn/Winter. It all sounds very nice, but what about your bifolds!? This post will show you how to make the most of your space in the winter months and dress your bifold doors appropriately!


Whether it be integral blinds, some thick curtains or individual blinds, there are many options to shut the world out on a winter evening.

Sprucing up, on the cheap!

Times are tough more often than not, and we all want our homes to be picture perfect, so here are some handy tips to keep your garden looking beautiful on a budget. 


March - Blue Skies & Spring Cleaning!

With the first hints of summer becoming apparent, it seems that Spring is well and truly here to stay. Blue skies are in abundance and the air feels that little bit fresher. 


This post will be chock-full of useful tips and tricks for spring cleaning and getting your home 'summer-ready'!

Make the Best of Your Home in 2014

A new year, and with it a whole host of new opportunities (things to do) and projects (deadlines) when it comes to your home! 


Whether it's painting the ceiling or getting those dimmer switches installed, here's how to create maximum effect for minimum effort!

Saying Hello to October - and Planning Ahead!

As the nights draw in and September ends, we can firmly conclude that our meagre summer has ended. Whilst saying goodbye to the long balmy evenings (all two of them...) we can begin to plan for the colder months ahead. 


This blog post will highlight a few things you might want to begin thinking about over the next few weeks. 

3 Easy Ways to Instantly Brighten Your Home

You know those days where you just feel a little bored with your surroundings? Spend hours rearranging furniture then stick it back where it was originally?

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This blog post will give you three simple ways to update your home without spending a fortune. 

Create Your Perfect Summer Home

Summer is finally appearing across the UK, and we had our first mild day on Sunday. Meaning out came the flip flops, shirtless men and BBQs. With the first glimpse of what could be a glorious summer peeking through, it's time to think about what you want to achieve around your home this year.


This post will give you a few home-improvement planning tips – like any big endeavour, it's not something to rush into all guns blazing. It needs planning, time-scales and a lot of motivation!

A Bifold for Christmas?

October has come and gone and even Bonfire night is a few weeks behind us, there's no more denying it, we are well and truly in the run up to Christmas.

PicMonkey Collage

Turkeys are being stuffed, presents are being bought and final plans are being drawn up (not just Christmas dinner seating arrangements..) for building work to be done before the big day.

8 Reasons Homeowners Are Dissatisfied With Their Properties - And How We Can Help!

Many property owners don't realise that there are other, worthwhile and more importantly – doable – options that work as an alternative to moving house. Particularly in this economic climate, a very popular option at the moment is not to upheave your life from one house to another, but to make your existing house more accomodating and appealing to you.


Whether it's re-vamping your kitchen, giving the exterior a lick of paint or extending your home – there are many ways to beautify and 'upgrade' your current house, without going through the stress and financial turmoil of moving house.

Achieving The Wow Factor

We recently completed the installation of several sets of bifold doors, and a gable end window for a customer living in a magnificent house in Worcester.

I've chosen this particular project to blog about because it really demonstrates the impact bifold and sliding doors can make on a period property. 

Bifold Doors Red Brick House

The property we fitted with bifold doors in Worcester was a very large, red brick period house with a fantastic garden and a very regal feel.

Miserable Weather; A Plus For Home Improvement Plans?

Easter has been and gone, it's officially Spring!

As much the weather refuses to acknowledge this fact! Usually during spring, when the skies are brightening and with them (hopefully!) spirits lifting; this would be the perfect time of year to kick-start that project you have put off all winter, be it giving the house a lick of paint or making some dramatic changes to your home.

White Kitchen with Bifold Doors

However this year with the nicknames “awful April” and “miserable May” given by the ever comical BBC it is difficult to imagine ever being in a position where you are able to relax on a summers evening with doors wide open, enjoying a warm breeze and a cold glass of wine. 

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