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Introducing: Solidor Composite Doors!


**Bristol Bifold has discontinued the SOLIDOR COMPOSITE DOOR - please contact us to find alternatives**

Forget the post-Christmas blues, forget the miserable weather and that black cloud above your head and let me tell you all about our brand new product – Solidor Composite Doors!

flint cottage solidor composite doors

These are the finest composite doors on the market and there's a lot to discuss, so keep your eyes peeled and ears open!

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What are Solidor Composite Doors?

Has there ever been a moment during your building project or home renovation where you have had to choose durability over style and aesthetic? It's a horrible decision, but one that must be made...or NOT.

For us, the Solidor combines the security, strength and durability that our customers are looking for with the quality, sleek aesthetics and panache that we all wish our homes possessed!

With market firsts, unique colour combinations and exclusive door furniture (all sourced from safely produced, lead free, expert manufacturers) – these doors are a no brainer when wishing to replace the tired façade of an old, new or period property.

Okay, what's so good about them?

Where to begin? Let's start with security – being one of the most considered features of the Solidor Composite it's fair to say security ranks pretty highly in the door's benefits.

With the Avantis lock fitted as standard (arguably the most secure lock on the market at present) the door is incredibly practical for the modern home owner. If you decide to take further steps to protect your home, we also offer a few other added benefits to give you that extra peace of mind.

Mila's Pro Secure handle makes sure that your door handle cannot be tampered with in any way, with the Avantis cylinder guard protecting the lock and a full range of other security boosts to ensure your home is kept entirely safe.

On top of all these discreet safety features, the door itself is a 48mm design, making it 10% thicker that the nearest market competitor – i.e. VERY thick!

I hear you... how can I personalise my door?

It's often difficult to find a door or window that sits perfectly with the rest of your build project without looking out of place, or mismatched. Solidor have the solution to that problem – with the widest range of colours in the market it is more likely that you will be spoilt for choice! There is a selection of 16 colours and wood grains on offer to choose from (for inside and out of the door) with several exclusive finishes in popular colours such as Duck Egg Blue.

And it's not just a stain, or a gel finish – our door colours are what's known as a 'through colour' meaning, yes, it goes right through the door!

You can also choose from a range of beautiful hardware and select features to ensure that your door suits the rest of your home. You are also able to choose from either a chamfered or sculptured door frames meaning your door really is unique to you.

I'm amazed! Anything else?

As you would expect with a market leading product, Solidor offers a complete guarantee on each door sold – covering construction, performance, hardware, glass and accessories. We like to make sure that our customers are being taken care of – and we love that Solidor wants to help us do so.

Another huge plus is that all Solidor composite doors are fully manufactured by tried and trusted British manufacturers and are fully recyclable and are from fully sustainable sources.

Great where do I sign!?

The best way to see if a Solidor Composite is the one for you, is to have a go on our 'Design a Door'. It's a simple tool which allows you to easily view your colour options and design your own door – just have a play and see what takes your fancy! You can also check out the prices for the doors, and once you've completed the enquiry form all information will be whizzed over to us where we can generate a quote for you. Simple as that!

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The FREE 7 Secrets Other Bifold Door Suppliers Won't Tell You

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When searching for a bi-fold door, suppliers won't always give you all the information you need - that's why we've provided you with this FREE eBook. Don't miss out, click here to download it now.

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