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COVID-19 RESPONSE: We're open, here for you and working to government guidelines

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Our team is also able and very willing to offer over the phone help or guidance and email estimates, with a view to carrying out work in the future. We don't need to come to your property in the current situation.

ENQUIRIES | Bifolds Doors & Sliding Doors

Call 0117 992 3101 to speak to one of our friendly advisors or please email via our form - our team will be happy to answer your questions and discuss your requirements.

We'll also be happy to jump on a video call with you, to give you a face-to-face experience with our expert team. eg. Facetime, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts or Zoom. 

Stay safe and take care.

The Bristol Bifold Team

We hope all our customers and website visitors are safe and coping in these challenging times. We're open, here for you, if or when you need our help.

Bristol Bifold is open and we are following the government's guidelines and safe working practice. 

Regarding your next project; your sales advisor is on hand to help with your enquiries and provide quotes in various ways whilst maintaining safe working practices in line with government guidance.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

If you've been planning to enhance the beauty of your home with sliding doors, bifold doors and skylights/roof lanterns, please get in touch to speak to Bristol Bifold's experts. 

We are open for business and ready to help you.

Important Notice: Crystal Clear Takes Over Bristol Bifold

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Anybody that had an installation booked, and confirmed should contact ourselves by email or telephone, please state that you are a Bristol Bifold customer!

If your material has been ordered and is in our stock purchase, we may be able to offer a solution to your current situation. Each job will require looking at on its own merit and we will do our best to try and help. We will also request help from the supplier if available, however we have no control over their input nor can we guarantee they will be able to offer any assistance.

Please produce as much information as possible as this will help us all. We will need proof of any payments made and a copy of the order form please.

Finally please note there is no obligation for us to assist - this is an offer of help. If the products we have purchased today fit your needs, we will try and come up with a solution that is fair, but please be aware we have paid a considerable cash payment today and do require a return on our investment.

Any person wishing to contact us should do so either by email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Or telephone 
0117 992 3101

I can confirm that today we have completed the purchase of the assets and business trading name etc, excluding any financial liability of Bristol Bifold and Sliding Doors Ltd.

We will soon be in a position to hopefully offer positive outcomes to some of the affected parties.

A Company Update

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On our travels...

Last month we travelled to the National Self Building and Renovation Centre (nSBRC) in Swindon to man our stand there for the weekend. We've been before, but this time we were there for the entire weekend taking in the sights and talking (a lot!) about bifold doors.

This time we also upped our game – our new stand also features windows meaning that you could come and try before you buy over the weekend. The whole weekend was a great success and we hope to go back in the years to come – so if you didn't catch us this time, we might see you next time!

Windows, windows, windows!

Talking of windows, Origin (our main supplier) have just announced that they are able to offer a week delivery on windows (matching their already amazing bifold turnaround time). This means that when you place an order with us, no matter what – the windows will be ready in a weeks' time without compromising quality.

Of course, this doesn't mean that we can install them right away as we are only human and are usually booked solidly! But the fantastic production time means we can get your project moving as quickly as (humanly) possible – and we are trying to keep up with Origin!

Origin news...

Origin now also provide a monthly newsletter, which as a customer you may or may not be interested in, but for us it simply cements them as our favoured supplier – being passionate about keeping up with industry news and trends and supplying the highest quality product.

December was a pretty special month for Origin, due to the 3rd of December being the day the team produced their 100,000th door. It's a pretty staggering number, and just think of the happy families and projects that have benefitted from those doors! In fact, 100,000 bifold doors is enough to cover 22 football pitches. Which we can all agree is a huge achievement for everyone involved.

That's pretty much all the news I have to share this week. But before I wrap up – let's talk blinds (pun intended!). We have brand new electric roller blind options from this month onwards, giving you an even greater scope of styles to suit your home.

If you need any further information we have brochures available for bifolds, windows and blinds – and be sure to look out for our advert on the Home Channel from February onwards!

It's been a while since I last filled you in on some of the more detailed happenings here at Bristol Bifold HQ, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to bring you up to speed with all that we have been doing so far in 2015.


From trade-shows to football pitches – keep reading for all our news!

A Sad Day for Bristol Bifold

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He arrived in a barn on the farm where our showroom is situated, and was the only one to survive of a couple of kittens found. 

He spent many an hour on the laps of our team and batting paper balls around the offices. 

Pets and bifold doors?

Thomas also managed to allay our customers fears about bifold doors and pets - he loved running through the many sets of bifolds in our showroom - we even managed to catch a video of him which you can check out in this blog post.

He certainly ruled the roost around here. Does your pet rule your home? Let us know and cheer us up with your stories after the loss of Thomas.  

You might remember a few years ago we welcomed a new member of the Bristol Bifold team - Thomas the cat. This week, on Wednesday evening, we heard the sad news that Thomas was no longer with us and had been hit by a car on the road outside of our premises. 

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He wil be greatly missed by all of our staff, fitters and customers.

A Winter A Round Up...

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Christmas wishes...

As the entire fenestration industry well knows, the Christmas period is incredibly busy. With many people noticing the effect the cold weather has on their windows and doors and opting to change them out before the big day. 

It's our job to make those dreams come true!


With a large project it's always necessary to plan ahead - the best projects are those that allow ample time for completion. Having said that - things don't always go to plan and windows and doors are a necessity that we just cannot live without. 

We do get a certain sense of job satisfaction replacing peoples single glazed and often not-winter-withstanding (it's a word!) french doors, with an economically and thermally efficient set of bifold doors. 

Heres to 2014!

As I mentioned before, it's been a great year for Bristol Bifold and we plan to continue our success right into 2014! Be it Sunflex or bifolds, Bristol or Taunton - we're the bifold door experts. 

This year has been a great one for Bristol Bifold (and brand new sister company Devon and Dorset Bifolds), with lots of exciting jobs and new prospects. 


Now that Christmas is almost upon us the Bristol Bifold offices are busy and projects are nearing completion. 

Bristol Bifold brings you....Devon and Dorset Bifolds!

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Devon & Dorset Bifolds!

As much as we love serving the Bristol area, we always long to be able to attend those surveys a little further afield and up until now, our radius just been able to cope with the distance. 

With the creation of Devon and Dorset Bifolds, we will now be able to supply Bi-fold Doors & Sliding Doors to Exeter, Torbay, Torquay, Paignton, Dorchester, Poole, Bournemouth and many other places across Devon & Dorset.

We'll be offering all of the same services as Bristol Bifold, just to a wider area. There will be the same consistant high standards, and attention to detail, friendly staff and helpful advice. 


Happy days...

It's all very exciting - and we'd like to say a huge thank-you to all of our customers. We love installing bifold doors, and providing outstanding service to all of our clients. And now, we can conquer even more of the country! Our showroom will be based in Axminster- so we'll be expecting a visit - we'll put the kettle on!


You can probably guess from the title that this is a very exciting post (one that I have been waiting to annouce for a while)...


That's right, we're very proud to announce that we are expanding! Say hello to Devon and Dorset Bifolds!

Saying Hello to October - and Planning Ahead!

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Throughout summer, you don't generally think twice about the  breeze rattling the window pane in the evening or the slight draft underneath your french doors, it's even quite nice on the hotter nights. But come winter (ie. now through to April next year!) these things that you really mind, become increasingly problematic. 

Family matters...

With only a few more weeks left of lighter evenings, it's really time to begin thinking ahead and planning for the harsh winter we are set to have if last years was anything to go by!

And it's not just your own home you need to consider. Do you have elderly relatives whose windows need replacing? Are Mum and Dad's french doors wasting away? Now is the time to do something about it!

The Christmas Rush. 

Whether its simply replacing the glass in a few of your windows to ensure that your electricity bills don't skyrocket as soon as you turn the heating on due to failing glass units, or replacing your drafty patio doors with something a little sturdier - it is ALWAYS best to plan ahead and make sure you miss the infamous Christmas rush. 

Within the last few weeks of November and early December, we are innundated with last minute installations which must be done by Christmas. Why not think ahead and give us a call now? Even if it's just for some friendly advice as to whether or not your windows and doors really do need replacing.

A bifold for Christmas?

We pride ourselves on not only getting the job done, but making sure it's done when necessary and on your terms. We're always happy to have a chat, or even to pop in and have a look at the job in hand. We have a wealth of experience and can tell you exactly what needs doing (and what doesn't!).  

As the nights draw in and September ends, we can firmly conclude that our meagre summer has ended. Whilst saying goodbye to the long balmy evenings (all two of them...) we can begin to plan for the colder months ahead. 


This blog post will highlight a few things you might want to begin thinking about over the next few weeks. 

The NSBRC: All Systems Go!

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A new area...

Firstly, I should mention that as the new showroom will be at the NSBRC in Swindon (outside of our normal radius) we will be expanding our reach to 80 miles from our Bristol based headquarters and principal showroom. 

The NSBRC showroom will have our doors on show all year round, and although unmanned (leaving you to peruse our doors at your leisure!) you can make an appointment to meet one of our sales team there whenever suits you. 

BGHS Animation-Slide-1

New Technology

Our showroom at the NSBRC will have hand held scanners, which allow you to scan the bifold doors and systems that take your fancy and your details are then automatically passed on to us to create a bespoke quote to fit you. 

These scanners not only scan the doors, but will also allow you to request specific information from us - such as our buying tips and brochures. 

Open days....

Of course, we will certainly be there when the NSBRC is having an event or open day. Although our showroom will be there permanently for you to use as you wish, there will be particular days when we will visit as well and be on hand with advice, support and options. 

What are you waiting for! If you are closer to Swindon than Bristol, or even if you are planning  whole home renovation and want to browse the other services that the NSBRC hs to offer - thi is perfect for you. 

Drum roll please....we are open for business! Our brand new show room area at the NSBRC in Swindon is open for business!

P1060319 1 1

This post will explain the ins and outs and how to go about visiting us in our new base. 

Exciting News and Dates for your Diary!

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The NSBRC...

We are very excited to announce that we will be visiting the National Self-Build and Renovation centre (on August 12th) as an exhibitor. As the only permanent centre for independent building advice and support we are proud to be a part of it. 

A new showroom!

And this means....a brand new Swindon based showroom! We will be installing our doors at the NSBRC, meaning that from August onwards you will be able to see our doors in action in Swindon, as well as our very own showroom in Bristol. 

Self service...

You'll be able to see all of our doors in an entirely new location. There will be a scanning device available, so all you need to do will be to scan the bifold door(s!) that you are interested in, the details of which will then be electronically transfered to our busy office and we'll be in touch with a quote - it's that simple!

August is set to be a great month for Bristol Bifold, this blog post will provide a short, sweet company update...

Entrance Panorama

Along with some very exciting showroom news!

Summer Days And Making The Most of Your Doors

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A Summer's tale...

Let me paint a picture for you - your new bi fold doors have been  installed, and all the finishing touches to your new-found space have been completed. It's a warm evening and you are setting up the BBQ. 

Friends are arriving, drinks are steadily flowing and your home is transformed into a mediterranean haven, with your living/dining/kitchen space opened up so people can freely come and go, children playing and there is space for all to mingle - maybe even dance...

This is a report we often get from our customers, especially those that have their doors installed during the summer months.

Change your lifestyle... 

Not only are they thanking us for the installation and the manual fitting side of things, but they are thanking us for the lifestyle change it has inspired in them. 

Bringing the outdoors in may be somewhat of a tag-line for us, but it really is the case. 

Now to give you a little inspiration, whether you have just had bifold doors installed or not...try out this delicious (and perfect for BBQ burgers!) salsa recipe to have your guests waiting at your doors (bifold or otherwise!).

BBQ Salsa

You'll need a few large tomatoes (depending on your party size), make a cross in their bottoms and blanche for around 30 seconds, whip them out of the water and place them in cold water.

Once they have cooled, peel the skins and chop into small chunks. Add to a mixing bowl. Next peel, de-stone and chop avocado(s) into similar sied chunks, and stir into the tomatoes.

At this stage, it's really up to you what you add, but a little olive oil, a little tabasco and a good helping of salt and pepper will make a summery salsa with a kick.

Perfect for your 'doors open' BBQ!


It would seem that we can finally put Winter behind us as the weather seems to be (fingers crossed) on the up. 


With a few months of milder weather ahead of us, your doors will be firmly open allowing a warm breeze into your home and hopefully brightening your days! This post will give you a few tips on making the most of them.

A Spring Round Up: ECOBuild, Sales and...A Cow!

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What we've been up to...

A little behind the scenes info from Bristol Bifold this week - while we do spend a lot of our time selling bifolding doors and windows, we also like to be ahead of the game (and on top of our game!) when it comes to the running of a business in this industry. 

This week, our compliance and technical director, Peter, went to a Health and Safety conference at Cheltenham Racecourse. It's things like this that keep us at the very top of our profession, and lets face it, health and safety is at the top of everyone's list in this day and age. It was very informative, and gave us lots helpful ideas to put into practice. 

Origin - High Wycombe

Peter also travelled to High Wycombe, to give a talk to the sales team at our leading supplier - Origin Frames - on the variety of bifold doors that are on offer in our industry and where each of them are made. Keeping ourselves up to date with what everyone else is doing, is also so important when it comes to providing the best for our customers. 

A happy week!

Lots to celebrate this week, not only is Andrew, our brand new (not so new anymore) sales advisor has settled in fantastically and had an excellent day on Tuesday booking in 6 surveys! A new record for Bristol Bifold in one day, which of course won him a well-deserved bottle of bubbly!

It was also Gerald's (our surveyor) birthday on Wednesday - Happy Birthday Gerald! And to top it all off, a new baby calf was born at the farm where Bristol Bifold is situated - to join our company cat!

The future...

Next week we are off to the ECOBuild exhibition in London, to see our brand new Sunflex doors in action. We will soon be offering these as well as the rest of our range. Exciting stuff - teamed with our work in progress - our CAD system. 

Very soon we will have a bespoke, 'drag & drop' CAD system to offer to architects and designers which will speed up their desing and configuration immeasureably - and we're happy to help!

That's about it for this week, but watch this space as we have so much in the pipeline! 



This week's blog post is a round up of sorts - a nice mixture of company news, what we've been up to and what we have planned, with a little sprinkle of farmyard activity!


We've had a busy few weeks, and it's about to get busier with the onset of Spring and Summer looming around the corner. We're expanding our knowledge on eco-friendly building, and getting ready to sell the new products we have on offer. More about the cow(!) later on....

Triple Glazed Bifolds and Preparation for 'Document L'!

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What is 'Document L'?

Or to use it's official name, Approved Document 'L' of the building regulations. This is essentially a new set of rules, which in six weeks time will be published, and by October this year, the fenestration industry will need to comply with. 

There will be a new target 'U' value, which will need to be 11% lower than the existing (2010) regulations for windows and doors being built into extensions. This is equivalent to the thermal efficiency of the doors and windows as a whole (including glass). 

Still with me? Good. The 'U' value proposed in the new regulations will also be 22% lower for doors and windows that are replacing existing items - for example if you were having a set of french doors replaced with a set of bifold doors. 

These standards are already being adhered to in Scotland and if they are enforced in England, we (and all other specialists) will need to be ready to fit to these specifications come October 1st 2013.

We've got it covered...

Our team at Bristol Bifold have been working towards meeting these targets for months already (as we do like to stay ahead of the game!) and we can already meet both of these new targets - for newly built extensions as well as replacement sets. 

Replacing your old french doors (or other products) will undoubtedly now require triple glazing in they're replacements - which brings me to our very exciting news of our brand new range of bifold doors which we will be selling, the Scenic TG aluminium bifold door. Keep your eyes peeled for more details on this as more information will be released within the next few weeks. 

Replacement will undoubtedly require triple glazing so we are introducing our new range of bifolds the 'SCENIC TG'. Details will follow in coming weeks.

Triple glazed bifold doors are, of course, not just reserved for replacements! Anyone can have triple glazing installed to benefit their home! The lower 'U' values reduce energy costs, as your doors are more thermally efficient - another reason why they are becoming more and more popular and a very sensible investment. 

If you do fancy reading up on the subject further, please drop us a line and we will explain all the ins and outs of the new regulations. In the mean time - get ready for Spring and start improving your home. 

Spring is 'Springing' (albeit very slowly) and with it comes a whole host of new ventures and opportunities for Bristol Bifold. 


This post will give you bit of an insight into the new building regulations that are coming into play this year and what they mean for you, and how we are preparing for them!

Fenestration Evaluation & A Record Breaking January

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Onwards and upwards...

As a company, we're constantly improving ourselves – mainly because in this industry if you just sit there and wallow in the business you've already created without striving for new products, new systems and new ideas you will find you're once prosperous market has gone stale.

Happy Birthday BB!

2012 was a great year for Bristol Bifold.... In June, we celebrated our 3rd birthday – with a party! There was cake, party packs and a good time was certainly had by all.

However, it wasn't just the party we were excited about. 3 years of hard work, with our figures and customer satisfaction growing substantially year upon year. Which is generally great news for you guys, and fantastic news for us.

So far so good!

2013 is already looking up for us. We've recently taken on a new employee – Andrew – who will be our new sales advisor.

We are always looking for ways to make Bristol Bifold more efficient as a company, which also benefit our customers. Having Andrew as our dedicated Advisor, means that the rest of the team (whilst always being happy to help!) can concentrate on their specific roles within the company.

This year we are also introducing a new range of doors to our product range – I know I've mentioned this before but it's all very exciting and I will be able to disclose more information soon – I promise!

We've had a a great start to the year, with this January being record breaking for us! It's all go, and that's exactly the way we like it!

After reading an evaluation of the door and window industry's year written by a fellow blogger (DGB) it got me thinking about our own evaluation of 2012, and how the year went for Bristol Bifold.

JMqlxBKBr7jz6dtbbIP5vUQD Q7LGS-J YRT07ZxLzo

This post will give you a brief overview of how we acclimatise, and continually attract new customers whilst exceeding the expectations already set by previous customers.

New Year News from Bristol Bifold

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Spring cleaning!

To start with, we've been busy giving our business a (little early!) spring clean, all of our systems have been sharpened and we are about to reveal our brand new look in February – because what better time to give ourselves a makeover than the beginning of a new year!

It's a time when everyone's improving themselves, from losing those Christmas lbs to carrying out those much anticipated home improvements. We're joining in! Watch this space!

New additions to our team...

There have also been a few changes to our staff here, our contract administrator Chloe has sadly left us, meaning a few changeovers.

Mike will be becoming our contracts manager – meaning he'll be the first port of call for most of your after-sales needs.

This also means we have a brand new sales person joining us at the end of the month, & we're very excited to welcome her to the team!

And our most exciting snippet of news...

New doors! That's right. In the coming months we will be introducing several new doors to our product range. We're constantly diversifying and trying to find the very best products for our customers and we think you are going to LOVE our new additions.

I hope you're all enjoying the first moments of 2013 and that it's going to be as exciting and prosperous as 2012.

I hope everyone's had a wonderful festive break, and that coming back to work wasn't to much of a shock to the system! Now that the excessive eating, drinking and gift giving has pretty much come to a halt, it's all guns blazing at Bristol Bifold.

Company News Update 3.1.13

We've got lots of exciting news to share with you guys over the coming month, and this post is just going to be a quick glimpse at what's to come!

The Systems Behind Our Teamwork = Customer Satisfaction

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We have a sales team made up of our two main salesmen who are the main points of contact for new customers – be it questions about their threshold depth or just a small alteration in their quote, it will generally be the sales team that help you out in the initial steps of your order. You can also check our FAQ.

We have a bespoke online system that allows us to keep an eye on your project, and manage it digitally (even from our mobile phones if necessary!) all the way from start to finish.

Our system works so that it is clear to all our team how far through your order you are, or how near your project is to completion – this way whomever you speak to will be able to help you organise and develop your order.


You will generally meet Gerald for your survey. Once this has taken place, you and your builder will be given several documents to check through and sign to ensure that everyone is 'singing from the same hymn sheet' as it were!

This removes any doubt in your mind as to what's happening, and keeps your builder in the loop, so that everyone is working towards a common goal.

Once the order has been signed up (this happens during the site survey) and the deposit paid, the project is then live. Our contract administrator then takes control of your file and will be your main point of contact for arranging your installation date.

At this stage, your order is marked up into a live file, which has all previous documents, emails, survey notes and drawings in – meaning we're able to keep track of the job from it's beginnings right through to the fit with all documents being organised and easily available to hand.

Of course, this is all filed digitally as well – we are making full use of the technology available to us by having each of these stages detailed in our online system.

We want our customers to feel as included in the process as possible.

So we do like to keep in continuous contact the entire way through the process.

Whether it's good news, or no news – we'll be in touch!

From asking one of our salesman a hypothetical question about the doors, to booking a survey, to placing your order and going over all the different options, to actually scheduling the install and getting ready for the big day.

This slick system also makes sure any aftercare is completed quickly and satisfactorily. Meaning our customers are secure, well informed, and know exactly where their money is going = lots of happy testimonials for us! It's win win!

Although we are now completely, utterly, jam-packed with fits between now and Christmas (and even part way through January) our salesmen are still here to answer any bifold questions you have or just want to chat about a prospective job.

We're here right up until the 21st so keep the questions coming!

.........and a Merry Christmas to you all!

I could spend hours writing about the behind the scenes goings on of our company – how our systems work and our processes that ensure the smoothest possible experience for our customers. But, for your sake... I won't!


What I do want to do though, is just explain a little about the way Bristol Bifold works, and what we have in place that allows us to function like the well oiled machine we are!

Supplying and Installing Bi-fold Doors & Sliding Doors to the South West & Wales

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