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Company News

A Company Update

It's been a while since I last filled you in on some of the more detailed happenings here at Bristol Bifold HQ, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to bring you up to speed with all that we have been doing so far in 2015.


From trade-shows to football pitches – keep reading for all our news!

A Sad Day for Bristol Bifold

You might remember a few years ago we welcomed a new member of the Bristol Bifold team - Thomas the cat. This week, on Wednesday evening, we heard the sad news that Thomas was no longer with us and had been hit by a car on the road outside of our premises. 

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He wil be greatly missed by all of our staff, fitters and customers.

A Winter A Round Up...

This year has been a great one for Bristol Bifold (and brand new sister company Devon and Dorset Bifolds), with lots of exciting jobs and new prospects. 


Now that Christmas is almost upon us the Bristol Bifold offices are busy and projects are nearing completion. 

Bristol Bifold brings you....Devon and Dorset Bifolds!

You can probably guess from the title that this is a very exciting post (one that I have been waiting to annouce for a while)...


That's right, we're very proud to announce that we are expanding! Say hello to Devon and Dorset Bifolds!

Saying Hello to October - and Planning Ahead!

As the nights draw in and September ends, we can firmly conclude that our meagre summer has ended. Whilst saying goodbye to the long balmy evenings (all two of them...) we can begin to plan for the colder months ahead. 


This blog post will highlight a few things you might want to begin thinking about over the next few weeks. 

The NSBRC: All Systems Go!

Drum roll please....we are open for business! Our brand new show room area at the NSBRC in Swindon is open for business!

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This post will explain the ins and outs and how to go about visiting us in our new base. 

Exciting News and Dates for your Diary!

August is set to be a great month for Bristol Bifold, this blog post will provide a short, sweet company update...

Entrance Panorama

Along with some very exciting showroom news!

Summer Days And Making The Most of Your Doors

It would seem that we can finally put Winter behind us as the weather seems to be (fingers crossed) on the up. 


With a few months of milder weather ahead of us, your doors will be firmly open allowing a warm breeze into your home and hopefully brightening your days! This post will give you a few tips on making the most of them.

A Spring Round Up: ECOBuild, Sales and...A Cow!

This week's blog post is a round up of sorts - a nice mixture of company news, what we've been up to and what we have planned, with a little sprinkle of farmyard activity!


We've had a busy few weeks, and it's about to get busier with the onset of Spring and Summer looming around the corner. We're expanding our knowledge on eco-friendly building, and getting ready to sell the new products we have on offer. More about the cow(!) later on....

Triple Glazed Bifolds and Preparation for 'Document L'!

Spring is 'Springing' (albeit very slowly) and with it comes a whole host of new ventures and opportunities for Bristol Bifold. 


This post will give you bit of an insight into the new building regulations that are coming into play this year and what they mean for you, and how we are preparing for them!

Fenestration Evaluation & A Record Breaking January

After reading an evaluation of the door and window industry's year written by a fellow blogger (DGB) it got me thinking about our own evaluation of 2012, and how the year went for Bristol Bifold.

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This post will give you a brief overview of how we acclimatise, and continually attract new customers whilst exceeding the expectations already set by previous customers.

New Year News from Bristol Bifold

I hope everyone's had a wonderful festive break, and that coming back to work wasn't to much of a shock to the system! Now that the excessive eating, drinking and gift giving has pretty much come to a halt, it's all guns blazing at Bristol Bifold.

Company News Update 3.1.13

We've got lots of exciting news to share with you guys over the coming month, and this post is just going to be a quick glimpse at what's to come!

The Systems Behind Our Teamwork = Customer Satisfaction

I could spend hours writing about the behind the scenes goings on of our company – how our systems work and our processes that ensure the smoothest possible experience for our customers. But, for your sake... I won't!


What I do want to do though, is just explain a little about the way Bristol Bifold works, and what we have in place that allows us to function like the well oiled machine we are!

Bad Weather for Bifolds...

I warn you – I'm going to be typically British (and boring..) and talk about the weather a fair bit in this post, but not without justification!



I think the weather conditions that huge parts of the UK are braving at the moment certainly deserve a mention on our blog – bifold door related or not!

An Autumnal Update & Bifold Advice!

Am I the only one who feels like Autumn is hitting especially hard this year? No slowly falling leaves and mild evenings, more like ever present grey clouds and unpleasantly crisp mornings. This may be a direct result of having little to no summer, but still... it would be nice to have a few days where it wasn't necessary to wear a million layers.


This post will be giving you a peak at some of our installations recently, and telling you what we've been up to (a lot!) over the past few weeks and how we're finding the initial stages of the run up to Christmas.

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