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How We Keep Our Customer Reputation Glowing


Time to apologise to the blogosphere. Having been out of the office (shock horror) for over a week, I have somewhat neglected this little corner of the bifold blogging world. Time to remedy that!

Chip and the Bifoldsblog

This week's post covers a mixture (but an organised mixture) of topics – focusing on a thread I found interesting over on DGB's blog, a little company update and a peek at a particularly pleasant customer testimonial – and my opinions (of course) on the above.

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To begin, let's just take a moment to mourn the British summer – this year it has been, for the most part, non-existent.

Rain, wind, temperatures all over the place; not ideal.

Interestingly, this hasn't put customers (ours at least...) off completing their home improvement projects or getting on and finishing their extensions.

Since the end of May we have been booked solidly, and although several jobs have been held up due to rain, it is good to see the British public aren't letting the weather ruin their plans.

If anything, now is a great time to improve your home (particularly installing new windows and doors).

Because if the weather stays this miserable the best way to enjoy your garden/patio/views will be through some weather-proof glass!

Now to move on to the main point of this rambling post...on my return to the office I caught up with the other industry blogs, and was interested by the moral of the short story DGB mentioned in his post (click here to's pretty relevant to this post so you probably should).

He is basically trying to enforce the age-old rule, that as a retailer you must stay in touch with your customer throughout the sale, good news, bad news and even when there is no news.

This is especially important in the door and window industry.

Whether it is installing windows and doors into a brand new extension, fitting bifolds to replace tired patio doors or just replacing a lock – decorating and changing an aspect of your home is a personal thing and a simple exchange of money and signing of contracts isn't good enough.

We expect the customer to want us to update them every step of the way.

And it pays off. Reputation is everything and we are both protective and extremely proud of ours. We are frequently reassured that we are going about things the right way when we receive testimonials like the one below that we were sent from a family we installed some bifold doors for.

I've highlighted the points the customer makes that I think are relevant to what I've been talking about...


"We cannot recommend Bristol Bi-fold highly enough.

We were very impressed right from our first visit to the Bristol Bi-fold showroom where Simon looked at our sketchy renovation designs and discussed different bifold options and the installation process over a cup of coffee and box of baby toys!

His friendly and professional manner filled us with confidence that we would arrive at the best products and design for our needs without us feeling under any pressure to buy.

When our building work did eventually begin, the pricing and ordering procedure was very clear and we were very well supported throughout the whole process. We were also impressed and relieved at how quickly emails were answered, and how reliable the survey/installation timescale was, given that our builder was on a tight schedule........

......A year on, the doors still look and perform as new, despite getting a pretty good hammering from our now 3 year old. We would not hesitate to recommend Bristol Bi-fold, as we are very impressed with the design and quality of the product, the seamlessness of installation, and the excellent level of service and support we received from the team.

Thank you.
Sarah, Dan and Chip."

I think this testimonial says more about how important customer communication is than anything I could write.

It's not just the product that needs to be of outstanding quality, to secure a good reputation within the consumer base, and the industry, the customer service needs to be equally outstanding.

To wrap up, I suppose the overall messages of this post are basically: English weather is dismal but we don't really mind, I agree with DGB and... TALK to your customers!

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The FREE 7 Secrets Other Bifold Door Suppliers Won't Tell You

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When searching for a bi-fold door, suppliers won't always give you all the information you need - that's why we've provided you with this FREE eBook. Don't miss out, click here to download it now.

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