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Don't Adapt To Suit Your Home: Adapt Your Home To Suit You!


I couldn't help but share a sneak peak of these photos on twitter before writing this blog post, as the property featured is so stunning. But that wasn't my reason for blogging about it. Instead of moving into a new-built modern home, this customer has used their current property as a base and adapted and modernised the farmhouse to suit him. 


Although it is a truly magnificent renovation, the main wow factor of this particular project is the level of transformation that this property has undergone.

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Bifolds and more...

I should note, this blog post isn't just focusing on the easifold aluminium bifold doors this customer (a gentlemen in Gloucestershire) has had installed by us – there are a million improvements that have been made to the property that just look outstanding.

I'll start with the lit, glass covered well entrance in the kitchen that reminds you of the property's age whilst standing in their luxuriously updated kitchen.


The whole room has been modernised from traditional farmhouse kitchen – to something sleek, modern yet still entirely fitting of the property.

They have been able to retain the outdoor aesthetic of the house by extending using an almost exact match of red-brick, and by matching the colour of their bifold doors to the existing traditionally white windows.

Before and after...

The main difference in the property is the change from a traditional long, narrow farmhouse kitchen, to a spacious L-shaped extension adding extra space to the kitchen and dining areas. You can see in the 'Before and after' pictures below, just how much of an impact this has made.


I think the main point I'm trying to make with this post (and the point that I'm being distracted from by all the photos..) is just how much of a change you are able to make in your own home – instead of moving house.



This property – post renovation – looks entirely different, not only in style but in structure. There is an alternative! You may not get a new location, but there is so much you ARE able to change about your property with less of a financial strain, and without having to leave your home.


If you're interested in doing something similar, or you've recently been inspired to make more out of your property, have a browse through the different options on our website...or to get a real feel for bifold doors, download our buyers guide below. Happy renovating!

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Download the FREE 7 Secrets Other Bi-fold Door Suppliers Won't Tell You

The FREE 7 Secrets Other Bifold Door Suppliers Won't Tell You

Download FREE eBook Now!

When searching for a bi-fold door, suppliers won't always give you all the information you need - that's why we've provided you with this FREE eBook. Don't miss out, click here to download it now.

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