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Create Your Perfect Summer Home


Summer is finally appearing across the UK, and we had our first mild day on Sunday. Meaning out came the flip flops, shirtless men and BBQs. With the first glimpse of what could be a glorious summer peeking through, it's time to think about what you want to achieve around your home this year.


This post will give you a few home-improvement planning tips – like any big endeavour, it's not something to rush into all guns blazing. It needs planning, time-scales and a lot of motivation!

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Firstly, remember to plan according to the weather.

For example, now that the sun is around more than 2 hours a week, it might be time to start considering pulling the lawn mower out and showing the grass some attention. It's these seasonal kind of home improvements that you need to begin working into your chore routine!

You need to know what to do and when...

...and the same with any slightly bigger improvements you are making to your home.

Things like painting, or plastering and paving need a dry day. It sounds simple, but you'd be surprised at the amount of projects that are put on hold due to dodgy planning (and occasionally just bad luck!).

But sometimes you can plan for the weather, make sure you keep an eye on the forecast throughout the week so that you can adjust your schedule for the weekend.

Larger projects...

If you are having bi fold doors or windows installed, make sure you are available during the install period. You will want to be around to check the work thoroughly after the job is complete, and for example if the weather is dreadful on the day of installation – there may well be finishing touches that cannot be completed until a later (dry!) date. You will need to make sure you agree these with your installer, and most installers (Bristol Bifold included) will give you a list of what is left to be done (weather permitting).

Now is the time to plan larger building work – even if we don't have clear skies and sunshine every day it is certainly time to get moving especially if the work you are having done involves leaving your home open to the elements for a period of time.

Basically, you need to...

  • Set goals – be it dates you want to have things done by, or just a check-list of what you want to achieve.
  • Plan accordingly – keep any contacts you may think will be useful later down the line.
  • Don't leave things until the last minute – you WILL regret it!

And enjoy your home in the meantime! Having the 'perfect' home for you, is a gradual process. It doesn't happen over-night, so remember to make time to relish the efforts you have made, even if the project isn't completely finished.

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The FREE 7 Secrets Other Bifold Door Suppliers Won't Tell You

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When searching for a bi-fold door, suppliers won't always give you all the information you need - that's why we've provided you with this FREE eBook. Don't miss out, click here to download it now.

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