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Sunflex for Summer – A Revolutionary System


Muggy nights and humid days, British summer time is here and with it – we have a brand new bifold-door to offer you. Now that the Sunflex is fully established as part of our product range I thought I would tell you a little more about its benefits.


I'll explain why the Sunflex truly is revolutionising the world of aluminium bi-fold doors!

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Revolutionary doors...

To start with, it may be blue skies (wishful thinking!) for now but living in the UK, rain, wind, hail and sometimes even snow are regular occurrences. You may want your bifold doors fitted this summer for optimum BBQ usage, but come winter you will want to know that they will still be benefitting your home.

The Sunflex has a 900 Pascal weather rating – or in simpler terms, a severe weather rating. Meaning that it will keep your home watertight even throughout the most miserable of winters. Most external bifold doors have around a 150 Pascal water tightness rating – so the Sunflex is certainly ahead of the game.


Secondly, the main reason you decide to have bifold doors or even patio doors installed is to gain the all-important L-word...light!

What you don't want is a door frame so chunky that your glass window pane is compromised. The Sunflex boasts a tiny profile of just 55mm with little to no space needed to stack the folding doors (when they are opened) and slim, elegant sight-lines of just 115mm.

A wall of glass?

Want a wall of glass, blurring the boundaries between your kitchen and garden? Done! Sunflex doors have a maximum height of 3500mm, meaning that you can fill your wall with doors!

It is easy to see why this door is set to shape the future market of bifold doors. It has everything you would expect as standard with your doors, plus a whole lot more. The doors themselves have been lab tested – opening and shutting over 20,000 times to ensure maximum efficiency for their entire lifespan.

If you are tempted by a bifold door system, and feel that the home you have created deserves the highest quality and functionality as well as fantastic aesthetics, this is the door for you.

Why not try our 3D interactive door design to see just how perfect these doors would work for you, your family and all importantly your home.

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Download the FREE 7 Secrets Other Bi-fold Door Suppliers Won't Tell You

The FREE 7 Secrets Other Bifold Door Suppliers Won't Tell You

Download FREE eBook Now!

When searching for a bi-fold door, suppliers won't always give you all the information you need - that's why we've provided you with this FREE eBook. Don't miss out, click here to download it now.

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