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Technical Origin Aluminium Bifold Doors

All you need to know about your Origin Aluminium Bifold Doors


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  • The Origin Aluminium Bifold Door

    With so many design options available, our Aluminium Bi-fold Doors can be customised to suit every home. And ultra slim sight lines make our bi-fold doors more elegant, as well as maximising the lighter, more airy feel.

    We can help you create exciting wide-open spaces with our beautifully made, exquisitely finished and cleverly designed folding patio doors. There are so many ways that the Origin Aluminium Bi-fold Door can change the relationship between the interior and exterior of your home.

    Easy to Open Doors

    The Origin bi-folding door is a breeze to open and close. This is down to our unique running system which uses roller bearings encased in tough nylon, they're virtually frictionless and maintenance-free which means your bi-fold doors will glide effortlessly back and forth.

    Years of Hassle Free Enjoyment

    Take it easy with our maintenance-free aluminium frame that will not warp, rot or need varnishing. And relax knowing you are fully covered by our outstanding free 20-Year manufacturer's guarantee.

    Rest Easy, Bi-fold Security is Number 1

    Our multi-point locking system, internally beaded frame, high security hinges and anti-drill key cylinders all come as standard for your peace of mind.

    Accessories - The Choice is Yours

    Choose from a range of standard handles or revel in the high quality durable stainless steel option. Accessories can be colour matched to be the same as the colour of your bi-fold doors.

    Safety at Heart

    All bi-fold doors are fitted with finger safe gaskets as standard, to protect inquisitive little fingers or big fingers!

    Quality Workmanship

    Our bi-folding doors are made by trained craftsmen in the UK, using only the finest materials and state of the art production methods

    Not Just For a Modern Property

    A variety of finishes and bead options, means they will suit a classic period property or a modern new build.

  • Colour Choices

    When it comes to choosing the colour of your bi-fold door frames, every colour in the RAL colour system is available (that’s over 150 colours!), as well as our popular greys, metallics and wood grain effects.

    Popular Bifold Door Colours

    When choosing colours for your aluminium bifold door frames, it helps to know what colours are popular with other bifold door owners. That’s why we’ve shown you the most popular aluminium bifold colours below.

    Easifold Anthracite Grey Bifold Door Colour
    Anthracite Grey
    Easifold Jet Black Bifold Door Colour
    Easifold Black Grey Bifold Door Colour
    Easifold Slate Grey Bifold Door Colour
    Slate Grey
    Easifold Light Silver Metallic Bifold Door Colours
    Light Silver Metallic
    Easifold Dark Silver Metallic Bifold Door Colour
    Dark Silver Metallic

    Of course, you’re not just limited to these grey and metallic bifold colours, you can also choose from our range of over 150 RAL colours - more about those colours in a bit. First let’s take a look at our wide range of wood grains.

    Wood grain on your Aluminium Bifold Doors

    Our range of wood grain finishes gives you the perfect way to co-ordinate your bifold doors with your other doors and windows. Our wood grain really does have all the beauty of real wood. 

    Easifold Natural Oak Bifold Door Colour
    Natural Oak
    Easifold Golden Oak Bifold Door Colour
    Golden Oak
    Easifold Mahogany Bifold Door Colour

    OR Choose from Over 150 Colours for Your Origin

    Every colour you could need. If our popular greys, metallics and wood grain effects aren’t quite hitting the mark, we have over 150 RAL colours to truly make your bifold doors your own. You’re sure to find the colour you’re after.

  • Downloads for the Origin

    • Origin Aluminium Bifold Door Specifications (PDF) 6.38 MB

    • Origin Aluminium Bifold Door Brochure (PDF) 6.99 MB

    • How to survey/measure your Origin Aluminium Bifold Door (PDF) 167.46 KB

    • Glass thermal performance for Origin Aluminium Bifold Door (PDF) 284.24 KB

    • 2 Door (Door set drawing) for Origin Aluminium Bifold Door (PDF) 168.67 KB

    • 3 Door (Door set drawing) for Origin Aluminium Bifold Door (PDF) 153.36 KB

    • 4 Door (Door set drawing) for Origin Aluminium Bifold Door (PDF) 209.72 KB

    • 4 Door (3-1) (Door set drawing) for Origin Aluminium Bifold Door (PDF) 176.66 KB

    • 5 Door (Door set drawing) for Origin Aluminium Bifold Door (PDF) 211.94 KB

    • 5 Door (3-2) (Door set drawing) for Origin Aluminium Bifold Door (PDF) 246.05 KB

    • 6 Door (3-3) (Door set drawing) for Origin Aluminium Bifold Door (PDF) 233.77 KB

    • 7 Door (Door set drawing) for Origin Aluminium Bifold Door (PDF) 266.56 KB

    • 7 Door (3-4) (Door set drawing) for Origin Aluminium Bifold Door (PDF) 295.19 KB

    • 8 Door (5-3) (Door set drawing) for Origin Aluminium Bifold Door (PDF) 287.83 KB

  • Handles

    When using your bifold doors, it's the handles that you'll come into contact with the most. That's why the handles on your Origin aluminium bifold door are both strong and robust.

    Bifold Handles That Look Great

    It's also crucial that they look great and are faultless during operation, which is why a great deal of attention has been placed on the aesthetics and ergonomic design.

    Handle Colours & Materials

    The handles come in white, black, chrome, gold or premium stainless steel, so you have lots of choice.

    Types of Handle

    The Lever Handle is the handle you will use to open your lead door Below it will be a separate escutcheon into which you'll insert a key when locking or unlocking. NB. Please note that not all door sets have a lead door, this depends on your door layout.

    The Slave Handle is the handle that operates the shoot bolts. Shoot bolts are the locks that that go into the top and the bottom of the frame. One slave handle goes between each door/panel.

    Bifold Door Glossary

    Find Out About Other Accessories & Components in Our Glossary. Visit our Bifold Door Glossary in our Learning section to find out more about hinges, thresholds & cills.

  • Specifications

    How big is each individual panel?

    Panels come in different sizes and depend on your chosen configuration. As explained higher up the page, they have a minimum and maximum width and height, and these measurements vary between door manufacturers.

    The table below shows those minimum and maximum dimensions.

    General minimum and maximum dimensions for bi-fold door panels

    Minimum height

    60–70 inches

    Maximum height

    120–145 inches

    Minimum width

    16 inches (odd number of doors)

    28 inches (even number of doors)

    Maximum width

    420–780 inches

    How many panels do I need?

    This depends on the space into which you’re installing the doors. There are few limitations to the number of panels you have—the minimum is two, while there is no real maximum.

    Generally, bi-fold doors that accommodate around eight panels will need another track. The way in which doors are transported for delivery means the track can be no longer than around 20 feet. Any doors larger than that will need two different tracks, which are coupled together during installation.

    Since panels are available in custom sizes, manufacturers can adjust dimensions to ensure you can have the number of panels you want.

    How thin are the door frames?

    Bi-fold doors made of aluminum (rather than vinyl or wood) have the slimmest frames, as the strength of the metal means the panels can accommodate larger, heavier panes of glass and provide a much wider view as a result.

    Origin bifolding door frames are built using high-strength aluminum. This enables us to achieve the thinnest possible door frame while maintaining strength and security. The frames measure 3 inches front to back, while the door sashes are around 2.8 inches wide.


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