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FAQs REAL Aluminium Sliding Door

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  • How many door panels are available?

    2,3,4 or 6 leaves/panels are available with the Real Aluminium sliding door.

  • What colours are available with the Real Sliding Door?

    These are the colours available:

    • White
    • any RAL Colour.
    • Also option to have a different colour on each side (dual colour).
  • Is there a triple track option?

    Absolutely. This is quite a common option these days and brings many benefits including allowing a larger percentage of opening space compared to that of a traditional two panel sliding door.

  • Is there a triple track option?

    Absolutely. This is quite a common option these days and brings many benefits including allowing a larger percentage of opening space compared to that of a traditional two panel sliding door.

  • I want to have panels going to the left and also panels going to the right, can I do that or do they all have to go one way?

    This can be achieved but it is best to contact us so we can discuss the best configuration for you.

  • How many panels/doors/leaves can I have?

    We currently supply up to 6 panels for the Real sliding door. If you are thinking of having more then please get in touch and we can see what we can do for you.

    We recommend a maximum width of 1500mm per panel to save having to pay vastly increased prices for higher specification glass to deal with windloads etc. If you are thinking of wider panels please do just get in touch to discuss this though.

  • Is the Real Sliding door flat packed when it arrives on site?

    The Real sliding door arrives on site fully assembled and in one piece, yet unglazed, so access needs to be considered for this reason.

    If access is really tight and fully assembled frames might be an issue then discussions with the manufacturer should find a solution.

  • Is the Real Sliding door manufactured in the UK?

    Yes, the components are manufactured by ALUK just over the Severn bridge in Newport and then fabricated into a full working sliding door right here in Bristol by a professional fabricator using all the correct factory machinery and having highly stringent quality control procedures in place.

  • What are the lead times for the Real Aluminium Sliding Door?

    Our lead times vary depending on the colour/appearance of your sliding door. This is the time it takes to have your sliding door installed from the moment you place your order.

    4-5 weeks

  • How wide is each sliding door panel?

    Min. Width of Each Door Panel:
    700mm (w)
    Approx: 2.30 ft (w)

    Max. Width of Each Door Panel:
    2000mm (w)
    Approx: 6.56 ft (w)

  • What are the permitted dimensions of the Real Sliding Door?

    Min. Permitted Dimensions:
    2100mm (w) x 1600mm (h)
    Approx: 6.89 ft (w) x 5.25 ft (h)

    Max. Permitted Dimensions:
    12,000mm (w) x 2500mm (h)
    Approx: 39.38 ft (w) x 8.2 ft (h)

  • All you need to know about flush thresholds

    The beauty of a bifolding door is when it’s fully open, it creates a seamless transition from the house into the garden. Seamless that is if you have a flush threshold. A threshold that juts up and has to be stepped over, is not only ugly but also a safety concern.

    A flush threshold is definitely possible but how flush is flush and what are the implications?

    If you look at most of the doors, French doors and patio doors in your house, you’ll notice you have to step over the threshold. There’s no reason why most of these thresholds can’t be below the finished floor level. This in itself will go a long way to creating that seamless finish but it’s still possible to go a bit further. Both the thresholds described below can also be sunk into the floor but they have been designed with creating a seamless transition in mind.

    Non rebated thresholds

    1) To achieve a completely smooth and even transition from inside to out, a non rebated threshold is required, as shown in the image below. The roller sits inside the section and the flooring buts up to the top of the threshold on either side, providing a seamless transition.

    The downside to a non rebated threshold is that it doesn’t come with the same level of weather protection a rebated threshold would. Perfect if the bi-fold door is in a sheltered position but not so great if it’s exposed to the full extent of the elements. Rain could run down the door and work its way inside as there is no barrier to stop it.

    Rebated thresholds

    2) A rebated threshold provides full weather protection. The up stand (the barrier) fits tightly against the door when closed, creating a tight seal. This results in the internal level being slightly different to the external, but not to an extent where it becomes a trip hazard or is unsightly. The image below is Origins rebated threshold, it shows how a relatively flush finish (15mm difference between the two levels) can be achieved.

    Being able to open a set of bifolding doors and have a flush transition is high on the list of priorities for almost all our customers. Yet we’ve found that protection from the elements is even higher on that list and thus almost 98% of all customers decide to opt for the rebated threshold.

  • Where is the Real Aluminium Sliding Door made?

    Our focus is on making sure that your Real aluminium sliding door is of the highest quality for use in your home. The sliding door's components are all designed & manufactured in the UK by Smarts, who operate an extensive testing regime to ensure that all parts will continue to perform to the highest standards.

    Smarts use over 300 fabricators to assemble their doors, ranging from 1 man bands using DIY chopsaws to large companies who continually invest in the latest cutting machinery.

    We work with one of the best fabricators in the country. They have a production capacity in excess of 2,400 windows and doors each and every week.

    The quality of the fabricator will influence the price, so if you find the equivalent Smarts sliding doors cheaper elsewhere, it's likely to be down to the effort we've made in selecting the best high quality fabricator to produce your Smarts aluminium sliding doors. This means your sliding doors will be assembled to the highest degree of skill and workmanship.


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