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How to care for your doors



There’s no doubt that the sleek, modern appearance of bi-folding and sliding doors enhance any home. All the doors we supply are designed, manufactured and tested to ensure they stand up to the harshest weather the UK has to offer. There are a few tips and tricks we recommend our customers follow so their doors look and operate perfectly for years to come.

How often should I clean my doors?

Bi-fold Doors are very low maintenance, but they do need occasional cleaning and light maintenance. For most people once every 6-12 months is fine. However, If you live in a marine environment, this will need to be done more frequently. In salt water environments, the external surface of the doors should be washed down with fresh water on a monthly basis. This prevents salt deposits from building up. The same goes for high pollution areas such as city centers or industrial areas.

Cleaning and maintenance.

1. Use a light, soapy solution and non-abrasive cloth to wipe dirt from the doors. Avoid using an abrasive cloth such as a scouring pad as the doors can be scratched. Do not use solvent based cleaning products or crème cleaners. For stubborn stains you can try using a rubber ink eraser. You will notice instantly if it has worked so don’t rub too hard or for too long.

2. “QLon” seals: These are the seals around the edges of the doors. Clean them in the same way as you do the frames. It’s recommended that silicone spray is applied to the seals annually.

3. Tracks: Keep an eye of for stones and other debris that may have fallen into the track. Remove them as and when you see them as they could impair the operation of your doors. To clean the tracks use a small brush to loosen any debris. Using a suitable vacuum cleaner with a thin attachment, vacuum up the debris in the track.

4. Hinges, handles, locks and the trolley wheels in the top and bottom track: Wipe away any dust, dirt and old grease to ensure they are clean. You can then spray them with a silicone spray. Wipe away any excess.

Show your doors some love.

Your doors should operate smoothly without having to apply any force. If something feels stiff, then more than likely a bit of debris in the track or hinges. Forcing the doors rather than clearing any obstructions could damage your doors and void any warranty.

If there is no obvious obstruction your doors may need some adjustment. Call our office and we’ll send one of our teams to put things right for you.

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The FREE 7 Secrets Other Bifold Door Suppliers Won't Tell You

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